Albania Visa For Sri Lanka citizens

Albania Visa For Sri Lanka citizens

iVisa | Updated on May 27, 2022

If you want to visit Albania soon, confirm whether you need a visa or not. Sri Lanka citizens must acquire the Albania eVisa before traveling. The good news is that can help you. You only need an internet connection and a few minutes to complete the digital application. Currently, we don’t have this visa on our platform, but we can inform you about its details.

We have all the tools to help you with the Albania Visa for Sri Lanka citizens. Aside from fast and safe service, you can count on a group of experts ready to help you with any question you may have. It’s time to travel to Albania.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the COVID-19 guidelines in Albania?

First, you don’t need to be vaccinated to enter Albania. Still, it could help you with some health requirements. For example, you don’t need to take a COVID-19 test or quarantine at your arrival.

Unvaccinated visitors must take a test a maximum of 3 days before arriving in Albania and display negative results to health authorities. If you fail to have the test, you will need to self-isolate for 10 days.

Head to our FAQ section for the latest information about health protocols in Albania. Explore the details for the Albania Visa for Sri Lanka citizens.

How is the application process for the Albania eVisa?

It’s simple! Follow these three steps:

  • First: Answer the questions in the application form.
  • Second: Check your application and confirm the information is correct. Pick a processing speed according to your needs.
  • Third: Pay with a credit or debit card and send your application.

Expect the Albania eVisa in your email inbox. Upon arrival, show it to immigration authorities for a smooth entry. The electronic visa has a maximum validity of 180 days after arrival and permits a Single Entry. It allows a maximum stay of 90 days Per Entry in Albania.

Explore more about the Albania Visa for Sri Lanka citizens.

What are the processing times and costs? provides three options:

  • Standard Processing Time: You will wait a regular time for your travel requirement. USD 73.49 - 23 days
  • Rush Processing Time: We will manage your travel requirement faster. USD 111.99 - 19 days
  • Super Rush Processing Time: Receive your travel document sooner. USD 150.99 - 15 days

The Albania Visa for Sri Lanka citizens can be yours soon.

What are the requirements?

Before you start, make sure to have:

  • Valid passport: It must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after arrival. Send a scan of the details page.
  • Applicant photo
  • Accommodation details.
  • Round-trip tickets
  • Bank statements from the last 3 months
  • Employment proof
  • Residence permit
  • Email address: We will communicate electronically.
  • Payment method: Pay for the service with a credit or debit card.

Check out the Albania Visa for Sri Lanka citizens. We can help you.

Can I trust

Positively! We have established the highest security measures for all our services. Your information is safe with us. Go to our customer reviews page and confirm you can trust us. We can tell you more about the Albania Visa for Sri Lanka citizens.

Where can I find more details?

Get in touch with our customer support team, available 24/7. We have all the details about the Albania Visa for Sri Lanka citizens. Recommends

Visit Dardha, a beautiful small village near Korça and a famous ski area in Albania. Due to its gorgeous landscape, Dardha has become the most relevant winter destination in the country, and it’s easy to see skiers and hikers. Continue with Lake Koman, where you will get a breathtaking view of the Balkan Peninsula. We recommend taking the ferry ride, which takes you from the hydroelectric dan at Koman to the port of Fierza, a village hidden within the mountains. It’s considered one of Europe’s most fascinating boat trips.

Head to Shkodra, the cultural capital of Albania. It organized several cultural events throughout the year. Also, it offers a photography museum, a theatre, a historic castle, and a lively atmosphere. Explore Durres, the main port of the country. It’s also considered one of the oldest towns in Albania. In addition, it’s home to the largest amphitheater in the Balkans. Check the archaeological museum with artifacts found within the theatre surroundings. Continue with Apollonia, a city located between Tirana and Vlora. It’s famous because Octavian Augustus studied here before becoming a Roman emperor. Explore the Roman past within this archaeological site. Albania has everything you want. Travel now and continue exploring it.

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