Albania Visa Information

Important Instructions

Albania is an excellent vacation destination. It may be small, but it offers a cultural heritage and diverse scenery filled with big treasures. If you're up for an expedition, you can explore the Albanian Alps - or if you want to relax, you can sip a cocktail on one of the country’s iconic beaches along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Before you depart on your trip to Albania, it is recommended that you should check your nationality's entry visa requirements.

Albania’s visa policy contains a list of visa waiver countries. This means that citizens of 85 jurisdictions are not required to apply for a visa, and are allowed to stay for up to 90 days with just a passport - in some cases, travelers need just an ID card, such as citizens of the EU.

If, however, you are not visa exempt, you'll need to apply for an Albanian visa. Unfortunately, at the moment, iVisa cannot help you apply online, but we can offer some valuable information.

For starters, if you look at the top of this page, in the right corner, you will see a button called ‘Visa Checker.’ We developed this tool so that you can check your visa status quickly and easily. If it tells you that you need a visa to enter Albania, then you must apply for one at the nearest Albanian embassy.

As a general requirement for all visa applications, you will need a passport. Make sure you have a blank page for them to stamp. Check your passport to see when it expires because Albania’s visa policy requires that your passport holds at least 3 months of validity from your planned date of arrival in Albania.

We advise that you use the information you find online as a reference only. The best way to find the most updated information is to call the embassy. Some embassies may have an official website, which can be quite helpful.

While we cannot help you apply for an Albania visa yet, we hope that the above information at least gives you an idea what to do next. And rest assured that the minute Albania’s government adopts the electronic visa system, we will be the first ones to assist with the application process.

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