Antigua and Barbuda e-Visa for Citizens of Comoros

Antigua and Barbuda e-Visa for Citizens of Comoros

iVisa | Updated on May 04, 2022

The Antigua and Barbuda islands are independent countries located in the Eastern part of the Caribbean Sea. St.John’s, the capital city, is a deepwater harbor. The island of Antigua and Barbuda has several bays, reefs, inlets, and many other smaller islands as well.

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It is a great tourist destination. The museums here are worth visiting. They exhibit the culture, history, and origin of the country. The Antigua and Barbuda islands are classic examples of Creole culture. Many of the people staying here are of African descent.

Before you enter the country, you have to go through certain procedures to acquire an Antigua and Barbuda E-Visa for Citizens of Comoros, which is essential if you want to enter the country.

The E-Visa is a mandatory document that the citizens of Comoros will have to show at the airport. You can easily apply and get this document via without any hassle or difficulty.

To know more about the Antigua and Barbuda E-Visa for citizens of Comoros, you can read the frequently asked questions laid down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

To know the steps and the documents regarding the Antigua and Barbuda E-Visa for Citizens of Comoros you can read the questions below:

If I have a passport, will I still require an E-Visa?

Even if you have a passport, you will still need an E-Visa to enter the country of Antigua and Barubuda.

What documents will I need for this document?

To apply for your Antigua and Barbuda E-Visa for Citizens of Comoros

  • You will require a passport size-photograph. Make sure it is a recent one.
  • A passport that should have a validity of at least 6 months after you enter the country.
  • Proof of your departure, that is your departure tickets and documents.
  • Documents showing where you will be staying during your trip.
  • A valid email Id for your documents to be emailed to you.

How many times can I enter Antigua and Barbuda with an E-Visa?

The Antigua and Barbuda E-Visa for the citizens of Comoros allows them to enter the country of Antigua and Barbuda only once, which means it provides a Single Entry.

How long is the E-Visa processing time?

You can apply for Antigua and Barbuda E-Visa for Citizens of Comoros and pay for it in the three ways listed below.

  • With Standard processing (USD 153.99) which is the standard time, your document will reach you within 14 Business Days.
  • The option of Rush processing (USD 191.99) is where you pay a few extra bucks for your document to reach you faster, that is within 11 Business Days.
  • The last option is Super rush processing (USD 246.99) where your documents will be delivered within 8 Business Days. If you need the document fast, you can opt for this option.

What is the validity period of this document?

The Antigua and Barbuda E-Visa for citizens of Comoros is valid for 180 days after issued. This includes the time you enter the island country, stay there and then leave.

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I still have questions. What should I do?

You can contact our customer service agents if you are still facing some problems. We are available 24x7. You can contact us via our website or even write to us via email.

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When you visit this country island, you must definitely visit the city of St.John’s. St. John’s, you can try the zipline which is one of the most popular adventure sports. It is a 2-4 hours zipline trip that takes you across the beautiful city. Antigua is an island of volcanic origin and Barbuda is mainly made up of limestone. Antigua and Barbuda are known for their street theatre which is highly famous around the island along with their street bands, art, and paintings as well. Tourists often hike up to Mt. Obama which is the highest point on this island.

The wide range of water sports offered by this island brings you closer to the natural wildlife of Antigua and Barbuda. Scooter snorkeling is one of the major water sports. Frigate Bird Sanctuary is the best place to see the variety of species of birds.

They take you on a tour in a boat and a guide will also accompany you to keep informing you about the different birds you come across. You can also spend a relaxing day at one of the beaches, for example, Love Beach, Jumby Bay, Valley Church Beach, etc.

We hope you have a great and fun time in Antigua and Barbuda.

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