Antigua and Barbuda e-Visa for Citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Antigua and Barbuda e-Visa for Citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo

iVisa | Updated on Jul 12, 2022

Antigua and Barbuda is a well-known travel destination that lies in the West Indies. Widely regarded as a tourism hotspot, this small collection of islands flourishes by providing unique, naturally occurring sites and a one-of-a-kind culture that thrives on its diversity. To experience all that Antigua and Barbuda has to offer, citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo will need to go through the process of applying for an e-visa. E-visas are required of all citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can start the application here. Please use our Frequently Asked Questions section below as a reference during your application process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is an e-Visa?

An e-visa is an electronic visa. It is an official travel document that allows travelers access to the countries that require travelers to get one. E-visas are specific to each country. For Antigua and Barbuda, citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo are permitted to apply for a tourist e-visa.

What Are the Documents Required to Complete the Application?

When you are filling out your application for an e-visa, you will be asked to scan the following documents in full color. You must use the original document for it to be considered valid:

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months after you arrive in Antigua and Barbuda
  • An unedited, recent digital photograph
  • Proof of intention to leave Antigua and Barbuda
  • Proof of itinerary
  • Proof of financial capability to finance the trip
  • A recent police record
  • Original birth certificate
  • Immigration status in your passport or on your residency permit.

Please note that you will also need a debit/credit card to pay for the application fee.

If My Children Travel with Me, Are They Required to Have Visas of Their Own?

Your children must have their own e-visas. They cannot share yours, regardless of whether or not your passport has their information on it. However, if your passport contains their information, you will use your passport on their applications as well as your own.

What Is the Max Stay I Am Allowed with My e-Visa?

The max stay allowed in Antigua and Barbuda for citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo is 90 days Per Entry.

What Are the e-Visa Processing Fees and Speeds?

iVisa offers three different processing speeds for the Antigua and Barbuda e-visas, each with their own pricing:

  • Standard Speed - including service fees, the standard application costs USD 137.49 and is processed in 14 Business Days.
  • Rush Application - including service fees, the rush application total cost is USD 196.99 and is processed in 11 Business Days.
  • Super Rush - including service fees, the super rush application has a total cost of USD 206.99 and is processed in 8 Business Days.

How Long is my Antigua and Barbuda e-Visa Valid for?

Citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo will have e-visas that expire in 180 days after issued.

Is Multiple Entry Allowed with an Antigua and Barbuda e-Visa?

Citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo are allowed Single Entry entries with the tourist e-visa for Antigua and Barbuda.

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