Antigua & Barbuda | Rwanda Citizens

Antigua & Barbuda | Rwanda Citizens

iVisa | Updated on Jul 12, 2022

Rwanda citizens will need to obtain a visa in order to get through customs when entering Antigua & Barbuda. The visa gives you plenty of time to explore the islands at your leisure. Now, residents of Rwanda can get an e-Visa online without having to go to a consulate to get it. This online process is simpler, faster, and just as secure as going in person to get one. So apply online and then finish planning the rest of your trip.

Antigua and Barbuda

Answers to e-Visa FAQs | Antigua & Barbuda Visa Details

What prices are associated with obtaining a visa from my smart device?

You'll need to pay for your visa and the processing speed so we know how to prioritize your e-Visa form.

  • e-Visa with Standard Processing: USD 151.99
  • e-Visa with Rush Processing: USD 191.99
  • e-Visa with Super Rush Processing: USD 248.99

Can I enter Antigua & Barbuda more than once?

Not necessarily. The e-Visa for Antigua & Barbuda grants you Single Entry into the country.

If you plan to leave and come back near the same time, you may need to purchase another visa.

Do I need personal information to apply for an e-Visa?

You will need some documents ready so you can apply for an e-Visa. You'll need:

  • Sufficient Funds & Accommodation - Have a bank statement ready and a hotel reservation or letter from a friend with which you are staying with their information listed.
  • Departing Validation - Have your exit plans ready so officials know you are leaving the country at some point.
  • Passport and National ID - We must be able to prove to officials that you are a resident of Rwanda by national ID and a valid passport (6 months valid after the date you arrive in Antigua & Barbuda).
  • Official Work/School Letter - Going to work or school in Antigua & Barbuda? Have an official document letter from your employer or university to show customs officials.
  • Passport Photographs - Only upload color copies of your passport photos.

How long does it take to finish the application and receive my e-Visa?

Choose a speed after you fill out the easy digital application to obtain your e-Visa as soon as you want.

  • Standard processing normally is processed within 14 Business Days.
  • Rush processing will be processed within 11 Business Days.
  • For the fastest processing speed, choose the Super Rush option. You will have your visa before or at 8 Business Days.

Do I have to have a physical copy of my e-Visa?

If you have access to your smartphone, computer, or tablet, you can show officials at customs your digital copy we will send in your email. We recommend printing a copy of it out and keeping it safely on you just in case you need it, though.

When will my e-Visa stop being valid?

Your visa can only be used for so long before it expires.

Your e-Visa to Antigua and Barbuda will expire in 180 days after issued.

How many days can I travel around Antigua & Barbuda holding an e-Visa?

You can vacation, do trade, or go to university with this e-Visa for up to 90 days Per Entry.

Antigua & Barbuda Visa Online | Rwanda Resident Application

If you are from Rwanda, traveling the world is easier than ever since you can get an e-Visa online safely and securely. Get ready to sip on rum punch, see the amazing wildlife of the islands, and soak up the sun.

We have team members ready to chat 24/7 if you need us. Safe travels.

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