Antigua & Barbuda: The e-Visa for Citizens of Sri Lanka

Antigua & Barbuda: The e-Visa for Citizens of Sri Lanka

iVisa | Updated on Jul 12, 2021

If you live in Sri Lanka and want to go to Antigua & Barbuda, there is a program that makes it very easy: the e-Visa. E-Visa is an electronic visa application tool that can be used all over the world. The benefits of this process for travelers are that visas can be obtained easily from any place on the web at any time and the payment is made when the application is completed.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a sovereign two-island country, and is located in the Lesser Antilles. Since 2016, the country of Antigua & Barbuda has made these digital visas available to visitors from 100+ countries, including Sri Lanka. The Antigua & Barbuda e-Visa will get you there, whether you are vacationing, visiting loved ones or just enjoying the scenery while waiting for your next connection.

Antigua & Barbuda is just one quick online application away, so don't miss out. Get your Antigua & Barbuda e-Visa right now, or read on to learn about the different levels of e-Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions about the e-Visa for Antigua & Barbuda

How long does an e-Visa for Antigua & Barbuda take to process?

Your personal processing time will depend on your choice of visa and processing speed. We currently offer three different processing speeds.

  • Standard processing will take 14 Business Days to review and approve your e-Visa application.
  • Rush processing will take 11 Business Days for approval of your application.
  • For the fastest processing speed, choose the Super Rush option. You will have your visa within 8 Business Days.

How often can I use my e-Visa to enter Antigua & Barbuda?

An e-Visa for A&B is a Single Entry visa.

How much does an Antigua & Barbuda e-Visa cost?

The total price for your Antigua & Barbuda e-Visa with processing will be:

  • USD 135.00 for Standard processing.
  • USD 165.00 total for the e-Visa and Rush processing.
  • USD 200.00 if you choose Super Rush processing.

When will my e-Visa expire?

The Antigua & Barbuda e-Visa expires in 180 days after issued.

How long can I stay in Antigua & Barbuda with my e-Visa?

The maximum stay is 90 days Per Entry.

What documents should I have before applying for an Antigua & Barbuda e-Visa?

  • Applicant Photo - Ensure that you have a recent color passport photo.
  • Valid Passport - Your government-issued passport must be good for up to 6 months from your date of arrival in Benin.
  • Travel Authorization by Employer or School - A copy of this must be provided to the airport authorities.
  • National Identity Card or Birth Certificate - At least one of these documents will be needed.
  • Proof of Accommodation - Make sure that you have a written statement from a relative or friend who will accommodate you or from the hotel where you plan to stay.
  • Proof of Sustainability - You'll need to show proof that you are able to financially sustain yourself while you are in A&B.
  • Airline Confirmation - You will be asked for documentation of your departure flight.

Sri Lanka Citizens' Antigua & Barbuda e-Visa

We at iVisa are very pleased that Antigua & Barbuda issues e-Visas through online applications. Let iVisa deal with the paperwork as you prepare for your journey.

We're always happy to help you in any way we can. Please talk to one of our qualified support staff when you have additional questions by clicking on the Help button on this page.

We at iVisa hope you have a wonderful time in A&B!

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