Tips on how citizens of Canada can enter Antigua and Barbuda during Coronavirus

Tips on how citizens of Canada can enter Antigua and Barbuda during Coronavirus

iVisa | Updated on Oct 08, 2021

Now that most countries are no longer on lockdown due to Coronavirus, more can reopen their borders for international travels. And fortunately, the Caribbean paradise of Antigua and Barbuda is one of the countries that has given visitors access to their lands once more. Although the islands are more popular for their endless and beautiful beach shores, there are also charming towns to walk by historic buildings like Nelson’s Dockyard. If you are searching for more adventure, there’s a great selection of water sports and zipline options through the rainforest that fit the cut.

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Sunbathing at the beach, discovering UNESCO Heritage Sites, and trying numerous fresh seafood dishes is now possible at Antigua and Barbuda, but travelers will need to follow the new traveling regulations.

Due to Coronavirus, citizens of Canada and other travelers will be asked to have a traveler accommodation form before departing their country of origin and also have a certificate with their negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test results. For those wanting to visit Barbuda on a short ferry ride or plane flight, it’s still possible. The only disadvantage is that the new regulations require you to spend 14 days under quarantine guidelines in Antigua before moving over to Barbuda.

Discover below how citizens of Canada can enter Antigua and Barbuda during Coronavirus, and the fast application process done with

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an Antigua and Barbuda Health Declaration?

Although the pandemic situation has not yet disappeared, many countries have seen a decrease in cases and have better control of related problems, so some have started to reopen borders. Due to the new traveling regulations to enter Antigua and Barbuda, all incoming travelers must present their Health Declaration form and certificate of their negative COVID-19 test results.

What do citizens of Canada need to enter Antigua and Barbuda during Coronavirus?

Unlike many other traveling documents required for visitors, the Antigua and Barbuda traveler accommodation process doesn’t require many documents. Citizens of Canada that wish to enter Antigua and Barbuda will only need to provide the following documents to fill out their application form:

  • Valid passport: it must have at least 3 months of validity for travels and will be used to provide your contact and basic details. A scanned copy might be requested by authorities.
  • Email address: it will work as your way of contact to obtain the final results or any notifications throughout the process.
  • Payment method: it will be the way of paying for online services. It can be done through a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.

Are all citizens of Canada asked to take a COVID-19 test upon arrival to Antigua and Barbuda?

The Coronavirus situation has made each country modify their entry requirements for all foreigners. In the case of Antigua and Barbuda, the incoming travelers must have a traveler accommodation form and a certificate with the COVID-19 RT-PCR negative test results. Once they arrive at the main island of Antigua, they will go through a health screening for which the previous document must be presented, as well as getting their temperature taken, and answering some questions related to their travel history. Based on your information, the health authorities will determine if you need to take a COVID-19 test on arrival.

Do all Canadian citizens have to stay in quarantine when arriving in Antigua and Barbuda?

When arriving at Antigua and Barbuda, the incoming travelers must show their approved traveler accommodation form and the COVID-19 negative test results. This test must be the RT-PCR version to meet the country’s travel requirements.

At the airport, the travelers will be health screened and based on the previous documents and any results from the screening process, the health authorities will determine if you need to take another COVID-19 test. Additionally, they will give you the quarantine guidelines; these might be to stay at accommodation for 14 days or have the flexible option of a self-monitoring quarantine for 14 days.

Can citizens of Canada visit Barbuda when arriving at Antigua?

Now that the Antigua and Barbuda borders have opened, incoming travelers must arrive with their traveler accommodation form as a mandatory document. And once they are at the international airport of Antigua, they will go through a health screening process. After this, you will need to stay 14 days in quarantine at your accommodation, keeping the Health Ministry updated on your health status by monitoring yourself.

If you wish to visit Barbuda, it will have to be after no less than the 14 days of quarantine in Antigua.

How can citizens of Canada get the Antigua and Barbuda traveler accommodation faster?

There are no precise instructions on how fast the traveler accommodation process is or its current price, but it’s known that applying through official websites can be complicated. The benefit of applying with is the possibility of requesting a specific speed to get your documents processed faster.

These are the current options to getting your document results delivered faster:

  • Standard processing option: this alternative is the most affordable one (USD 20.00) for your documents (24 hours).
  • Rush processing option: for a higher price (USD 20.00), this option will get your documents processed and delivered in less time (8 hours).
  • Super rush processing option: it’s the most expensive option (USD 20.00) with the fastest processing speed of documentation (4 hours).

How does a traveler apply for the Antigua and Barbuda traveler accommodation?

Any traveler that wishes to enter Antigua and Barbuda need to apply for a traveler accommodation form. Official websites for these kinds of applications can be a headache, and that’s why offers an easy three-step method for users to get their traveling documents ready.

These are the 3 steps:

  • First, you must complete the form questionnaire and determine the processing speed you want for your documents.
  • Second, you will check that the data provided in the first step is accurate, and proceed to pay the online fee.
  • Third is for you to attach any additional documents requested and click on submit.

How trustworthy is the website with my details?

For an easy and safe traveler accommodation application process for the users, uses a reliable security system that protects their data at all times. The website and database are secure and information is protected from virtual threats.

Please look at our clients’ reviews here about the services.

Where are more details on how citizens of Canada can enter Antigua and Barbuda during Coronavirus?

For more information on how citizens of Canada can enter Antigua and Barbuda during Coronavirus, you can send the iVisa customer service team a message via chat. You can also visit for more details on the destination or the Health Declaration process specifically.