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Taiwan visa application form: How to Obtain a Taiwan eVisa Quickly and Conveniently

It’s definitely not a fun activity if you have to go to the embassy and complete a Taiwan visa application form to get a visa, even if a Taiwan eVisa is necessary for you to enter the country. Taiwan, formerly called Formosa, is a large island that is located in the northern portion of the South China Sea and was once part of China. Because of its proximity and close association historically with China, Taiwan has many historic, cultural, and gastronomic attractions that are similar to those of Mainland China, and the best way to start your trip to the island nation is to go to and get that evisa the easy way.

One of the best ways to begin your journey to Taiwan is to use the platform to obtain an evisa. With the platform, it is super easy and convenient to get that evisa since you don’t have to go out of your house, drive to the embassy, and stand in line for hours just to get a chance to apply for a visa. Now you can simply go to, complete and submit the Taiwan visa application form properly, and wait for the approved evisa to be sent to your email, all without leaving the comfort and security of your home.

The visa application process set by is one of the easiest and simplest in the industry. The Taiwan visa application form requires the minimum of required information to proceed with submission, and once that is done, the applicant simply has to pay for the transaction and wait for the approved evisa to be delivered. Continue with the article and learn how to get that evisa without much effort.

  • Easiest start to your Taiwan visa application.
    Go to and you will find a section asking the applicant to check for the requirements for his visa application. The section is located in the middle of the banner on the main page of the website and you need to put in your nationality on the left-hand field and Taiwan on the field on the right side, then you have to press the green button marked “Get Started” so you will be redirected to the page detailing the required documents for the application. You will again be redirected to another page where you need to press the button to go to the page with the Taiwan visa application form.

  • Navigate and fill out the form to get your eVisa.
    You may be eligible for different types of travel documents/eVisas and, as a rule of thumb, you should choose the documents that would suit the purpose and length of your visit to Taiwan. When you get to the application form itself, you will see that it requires the barest minimum of information from the customer, like his contact number and email, complete name, the date of entry and exit, and a valid passport number. There may be supporting documents that you need to upload, depending on your nationality, and you may also need to get a Health Declaration Form as well.

  • Paying for the transaction is never more convenient.
    In addition to a simple application process, paying for the transaction is also very simple and convenient. You can pay online, through the website, with a credit card or with PayPal. If you don’t have any of the two, it’s possible to use a debit card for payment. It’s always preferable to have the best possible start to any task, and for a trip to Taiwan, you should get a Taiwan eVisa quickly and effortlessly with Once you complete the application form and pay for the transaction, all you have to do is wait for the approved evisa to be delivered to your email.

Here at, we have built a reputation for reliability and convenience that cannot be matched by other platforms. Our visa experts review every application to make sure that it will be approved and the eVisa delivered. We do everything because the customer is at the center of everything for us.