Get your Argentina Reciprocity Fee to visit Argentina before arrival

Get your Argentina Reciprocity Fee to visit Argentina before arrival
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

Paying Argentina fees is part of the journey for holidays or work to Argentina. This includes an Argentina Reciprocity Fee or visa, along with a valid passport. Not all countries charge tourists these type of fees but it does balance out. We will get into that later but if you are a citizen of the US, Canada and Australia, it’s an added step to take before venturing out to South America. Our information can assist you with obtaining a visa to Argentina or “reciprocity fee” as it’s also known as. Our website is custom built to provide all the information you need. Each app takes about 5 minutes to complete as long as you already have a passport. Receive it in about 24 hours after submission. Check it out at when you are ready for your vacation in South America.

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Argentina Reciprocity Fee

Argentina is a special county as it requires extra steps to enter. The Argentina Reciprocity Fee is just a fancy way of saying visa. It can be confusing for those who are used to getting a visa in order to travel. The process is the same, it’s simply called a different name. With that being said, it is pricey. Unlike an electronic visa to, let’s say Turkey, costing about USD30, tourists wanting to vacation in Argentina will need to pay USD160 if coming in from the US. Prices vary depending on where you submit your payment.

A reciprocity fee is rather a new concept and has a decent reasoning for coming into existence. It was created in order to balance out the cost of travelers from South America. When the US, Canada and Australia began charging certain international travelers extra to visit, these countries decided to take action. The basic idea is that if you charge someone the visit, they will charge you the same fee to visit their country. In the end it does seem fair. Regardless of fairness, if you want to see beautiful glaciers or learn how to Tango in Buenos Aires, the fee must be paid.

In the past, citizens of the three countries mentioned could pay the fee at any point of entry into Argentina with cash or credit card. But times have changed, which means the method of payment has too. Since December of 2012, all citizens have to pay online prior to their flight. Two ways of doing this: embassy website or third party. Going directly through the country’s embassy can take a bit longer than if someone were to pay a small service fee and get it back the same day as it was applied. When you are ready to leave for Argentina, give our website a browse and if you have any questions, call or email. We’ve got you covered.

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