How To Pay For New Argentina Reciprocity Fees

How To Pay For New Argentina Reciprocity Fees

iVisa | Updated on Nov 24, 2020

Hello there,

this is an email from a customer re their current fee.

Last year we acquired the necessary Reciprocity Fee for each of us. They last for 1 year. Looks like we bought them on 21 October 2013, but we didn't arrive in Argentina until 25 November 2013.

This trip we will be arriving in Buenos Aires on 29 November 2014, for about 12 1/2 hours - disembark ship and off to airport to depart country by plane. Whichever date above is important, our arrival will be over 1 year since we last both landed and departed Argentina.

I have tried to buy another Reciprocity Fee for each of us but the online system says "You already have one".

Based on past experience, Seabourn won't let us board the ship in Fort Lauderdale on 24 October 2014 without having the receipts for the Reciprocity Fees for when we disembark at Buenos Aires.

Can you please find out from your Back Office people how I can pay for new Reciprocity Fes and receive receipts prior to 24 October 2014 but preferably before we leave home on 31 July 2014.


Can you please advise me what it is they are to do in this situation?


Please note we are a private company and not the Argentina government. In any case, can help you with your client’s situation. The reason your client cannot get a new Reciprocity Fee for Argentina is because there is an existing sticker. Please apply online at our site – We can solve the problem for you and get you the Fee ASAP. Thanks!

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