How To Retrieve Argentina Visa

How To Retrieve Argentina Visa

iVisa | Updated on Nov 22, 2020

Dear sir/madam i have completed the form and credit card details and have an authorization code number xxxxxxx but the site closed and i was unable to print off the receipt. could you please advise me how i can find and print off my receipt asap regards Wilfred

Hello: It seems like you processed the Fee with the government website. I am sorry to hear about your troubles. We created our service to help travelers. In your particular case we cannot help retrieve the Argentina Reciprocity Fee since you processed the visa with the government website. Here are instructions that may help:

Step 1: Go to

login. Enter user and password Step 2: Click Payments Registered Step 3: Locate visa and click on print button Step 4: Print visa

If you are unable to retrieve the Reciprocity Fee because you forgot your user name or the visa is not appearing, we can process the Fee for you at Thanks!

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