Image Of The Argentina Reciprocity Fee

Image Of The Argentina Reciprocity Fee

iVisa | Updated on Nov 22, 2020

i traveled to buenos aires in november 2011....what does the stamp look like indicating that i paid the reciprocity fee?....i have one e entry stamp, and one large white paper glued on to the passport from minister of interior, is that it? also, my husband is a usa citizen with a usa passport, although he also has his argentine passport, does he need to pay?

Please find attached an image of the Argentina Reciprocity Fee stamp that should be in your passport. The main to look for is an expiration date in 2021 if you came into the country in 2011. If your husband has an Argentina passport, he can enter with that passport and avoid the Argentina Entry Fee. Thanks


thanks for the reply....yes, i have that image you provided with the date husband never renewed his argentine passport, and always travels with his usa passport......does he need to still pay?...also, when did the fees go into son traveled in 2009

Your husband just needs to prove he is Argentine. I think in his US passport it should say he was born in Argentina. The fee went into effect in 2010 so your son needs to pay the Fee. Please visit us at Thanks

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