Is A Printed Copy Acceptable Visa To Argentina

Is A Printed Copy Acceptable Visa To Argentina

iVisa | Updated on Nov 24, 2020

Hello, I am a US citizen. I paid the reciprocity fee at Ezeiza on March 11, 2010. The Paper stamp is in my expired passport and I have used it to enter Argentina many times with no problem. I am presently traveling to Uruguay for a few days with my wife and I forgot to bring my old passport. We traveled by Buquebus. Can I have a friend in Buenos Aires meet me at the Buquebus terminal with the old passport? Is a printed copy acceptable (I have a pdf copy on my computer). The bar code should be good on a print-out. Thank you for your help.

The Argentina immigration control at the Buquebus is done in Montevideo so the idea of your friend meeting you is not possible. We have been told that you can travel with a photocopy of the Argentina Reciprocity Fee as long as you can see the bar code and sticker number. So I would print out the PDF photocopy you have on your computer. My only advice is to get to the Buquebus station a little earlier than usual. That way if the immigration officer does not let you into the country, you have time to purchase the Argentina Reciprocity Fee online. Our site is mobile friendly so will probably be best to help you. Safe Travels!

Post Trip Comment: I took the printed copy (face page plus sticker page) from the pdf, and with a few minor delays it was accepted without issue. As you wrote, as long as they could read the sticker number I was ok. They typed that number into the computer to check validity and then stamped my valid passport and made a handwritten note next to the stamp that my sticker (referrred to by number) was in a different passport. I very much appreciate your assistance and I was ready to use your service if required. I will certainly recommend you to friends.

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