Mistake On Your Argentina Reciprocity Form

Mistake On Your Argentina Reciprocity Form

iVisa | Updated on Mar 26, 2021

Think you made a mistake on your Argentina Reciprocity Form?

Please check these items first:

The credit card information on the Fee is incorrect? The credit card used is our corporate card. We process the visa for you with the government of Argentina. For this reason your credit card does not appear on the Reciprocity Fee.

The expiration date on the Reciprocity Fee is incorrect? We only collect the passport expiration for informational purposes. The Expiration date on the Fee is when the Reciprocity Fee expires (10 years for US citizens, 1 year for Australian citizens and 1 month before for the expiration of your passport for Canadian citizens) Please note if you made a mistake on your personal information, we can easily rectify the issue. You can see question 13 in the following government link:

“I made a mistake on my personal information when I paid the fee. Can I correct the data?

The only data that cannot be changed is the nationality. If you informed a wrong nationality when you filled in the form, you will have to pay again and request the refund for the payment made with the wrong information. Any other information (name, passport number, date of birth, etc.) can be changed by the immigration agent upon arrival to Argentina.”

Source: https://bit.ly/3apzb0q

In such case, please reply to our email with the change you need made and we will confirm with our contact at the Argentina government and send you a confirmation email. This service is included in our service fee.

Have a nice trip!

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