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| Updated on Feb 5, 2018

New Zealand Visa Photo Requirements

Traveling to Argentina soon, make sure that you understand the Argentina Reciprocity Fee requirements before you arrive in Argentina as you need to have this document before you can boarding your cruise.

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Too, when heading on a vacation to New Zealand, you will need to get a visa. This includes a passport photo for identification purposes. Not just any picture is accepted, New Zealand has very strict guidelines which must be met in order to receive a visa.

The following are what is required when submitting your visa photo:

  • Picture must be recent and in color. No black and white.

  • Maximum size of your head is 75% of the entire picture.

  • Neutral expression. Eyes open and your mouth closed. No smiling.

  • No hats, sunglasses, thick-rimmed glasses.

  • Head scarves for religious reasons may be warn but your full face must be visible.

  • Background must be white or plain color.

  • Be sure you look straight at the camera and your face is centered in the photo.

  • File type: either JPG or JPEG.

  • File size: Minimum of 500 MB and a maximum of 10 MB.

  • Photo must be in portrait mode not landscape.

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