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| Updated on Apr 14, 2017

Original Argentina Reciprocity Fee Refunded

On the 5 Jan. 2014 I paid the fee for my wife Rose and I and obtained a receipt. When I attempted to board my flight to Buenos Aires Air Canada would not allow the receipt that I had obtained. I did not have the password with me for my original purchase so was required to pay a second fee which was used to enter Argentina. The date was the 15/02/2014. May I please have the original fee refunded as it was not used. Thanks

I am sorry to hear you had trouble with the Argentina Reciprocity Fee. We are a private company and we don’t have your Argentina Visa on file. You most likely processed the Reciprocity Fee at the government site. To process a refund on the original Argentina entry fee just visit

It is pretty self-explanatory.


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