Plate to Plate: Sampling Authentic Food of Argentina

Plate to Plate: Sampling Authentic Food of Argentina

iVisa | Updated on Jan 12, 2021

Food is the language of humans but unfortunately your Argentina Visa Online is not edible, even on salads.

We don’t recommend eating one. One of the best things about travelling to a foreign country is hands down, the food. Every different concoction of spicy goodness, fried and sautéed to perfection, all to create an explosion of mesmerizing taste. Isn’t modern life incredible?

Food hasn’t always tasted this good as the discovery of spices and how to combine flavors, has revolutionized the way we eat. In Argentina, it’s all about the beef. What the beef, right? You can try to have duplicated dishes at home but for authentic dishes, you’ll need to get down to South America. We can help. Since we know your taste buds are watering, we will do our best to shuffle you through our easy and simple process. Take a look for yourself at /apply-online/argentina

Argentina Beef

Beef is the word in Argentina. That’s just how it is. A diet of beef makes locals and visitors with an Argentina Visa happy. “Carne” as it’s called, is straight up legendary and a must, unless you’re a vegetarian.

Then you should probably eat a salad and ignore the toe curling smell of pure beef heaven. We promise, despite the amazing steak meat, there are quite a few other dishes you can try and enjoy when in Argentina. Here are a few such delectable edible items:

Chimichurri: Considered the country’s best condiment, this green salsa has to be a part of every meal. Onions, parsley, oregano and garlic are chopped to perfection, creating a fine yet chunky topping. Great for dips or on top of practically anything, except maybe pancakes.

Sweetness: Yea, it’s all about the beef but wow are there some delicious desserts, perfect enough to crave even the most stubborn sweet tooth. Thanks to the extensive amounts of cattle roaming the countryside, it also gives way to an abundance of dairy products. Dulce de Leche is one such masterpiece. It’s a milk based caramel bundle of cavity making greatness!

Empanadas: Deep fried and served hot, this simple yet quick dish is a favorite among Argentinians. There is no telling what item of food can be stuffed and rolled inside, however, cinnamon, raisins and sugar are common ingredients.

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