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| Updated on Nov 15, 2018

Proof Of Payment Of The Argentina Reciprocity Fee

I recently paid for my visa for Argentina but I entered my old passport number. I realized it was due to expire and got it renewed but my new passport has a different number. Am I able to change the passport number on my visa or can i get a refund and then buy a new visa? Or if i bring my old passport will this be ok?

You can bring your old passport and that counts as proof of payment of the Argentina Reciprocity Fee. I would arrive early for your flight in case the airline agent does not accept the old passport with the Argentina visa inside. But Argentina immigration control will definitely allow you to enter with proof in your old passport.

Regarding a refund, we are a private company and we don’t have your Reciprocity Fee on file. You most likely processed the Reciprocity Fee at the government site You will need to sign into that site and ask for a refund if you like.

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