Reciprocity Fee to enjoy Mendoza

Reciprocity Fee to enjoy Mendoza

iVisa | Updated on Nov 22, 2020

Let’s face it, sampling foreign food is what makes a vacation worth every mile of travel and obtaining an Argentina Visa is your ticket. Well, sort of. You need plane tickets and a hotel reservation but we have you covered on the other paperwork. If you have been longing to try delicious, mouthwatering meals inspired by the Italians and continuing its Creole ancestries, than we can help. Our easy to use site accommodates every range of Internet user out there. Head on over to /visa-argentina-reciprocity-fee and browse everything you need to know about applying and receiving your Argentina Visa. Make it snappy as we are sure your taste buds are beginning to salivate.

Mendoza Food and Wine

Food anywhere is going to have its local flavors and hoopla to offer natives and travelers. In Mendoza, Argentina, food is about to get real. Most of the dishes were inspired the Spanish and Italians but cooks never let go of the Creole roots. Meat lovers everywhere unite for an indescribable experience! Beef, pork, seafood, you name it. Preparation takes a long thought-out process, involving spices and hidden secrets only known to the chefs and cooks. Pair these entrees with cream cheese, chimichurri, or BBQ sauce and you have an explosion of flavor, unlikely to be put out by the fire department. Carne a la olla is particularly exquisite as the meat is prepared with white wine Like things on the spicy side? Have your meat doused with humita en chala, a sauce to bring out all the flavors of your beef and perk up those taste buds.

Enjoying delectable dishes is only improved with a pairing of wine. It just so happens some of the best wine comes from Argentina and lucky for you, is ready to be poured. Choose from a selection of locally bottled spirits. Sweet wines are blended from an array of fruits such as:

  • grapes
  • apricots
  • melons
  • apples

Locro, a pork dish, surges with a sweet wine. Try a darker red with any beef dish like Matambre. Red wine, especially cabernets and pinots, open up the taste of meat and swirl the flavor throughout your mouth. Ah! Now most importantly, where are the best places to show down this incredible food parcels we’ve been bragging about? For starters, there is Taco Tabasco. Everything from nachos to burritos and did we mention the Tequila Bar? Yeah, it’s a perfect combination.

For a more upscale dining experience, make a reservation at Siete Cocinas de Argentina. Excellent selection of entrees, representing different regions in Argentina. Plus, a wine list to die for! Enjoy your mouthwatering meal.

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