Stamp With The Argentina Reciprocity Fee

Stamp With The Argentina Reciprocity Fee

iVisa | Updated on Dec 25, 2020

My wife & I were in Argentina on Jan. 19, 2013 and departed on Jan.. 22, 2013 . My wife & I paid $160 each for Argentina reciprocity visa. We have misplaced the paper indicating we have paid. Our visa was good for 10 years. Can you help us with our papers ... so we don't have to get the new Argentina visa. Your response will be appreciated.

Please check your US passport to see if there is a stamp with the Argentina Reciprocity Fee. They should have stamped it into your passport when you came into the country. If you don't see the stamp, you can retrieve your Reciprocity Fee from the government website since you didn't process with us. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to

Login. Enter user and password

Step 2: Click Payments Registered

Step 3: Locate visa and click on print button

Step 4: Print visa

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