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The Argentina ETA for Chinese citizens

The Argentina ETA for Chinese citizens
iVisa | Updated on Nov 15, 2018

Argentina, not just well known for its good wine, the tango, awesome dove hunting lodges, jungles, beautiful waterfalls, the Andes mountains, friendly locals, glacier lakes in the Patagonia in the south, good food like their famous beef meats but also great economic and financial investment opportunities.

Argentina is one of the largest countries in Latin America where its capital Buenos Aires is center to activities such as economics, finance and banking. Here you will also find the head of state, President Mauricio Macri at the Argentine Palace called La Casa Rosada (English: The Pink House)

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Argentina has has seen its fair share of political and economic turmoil in the recent past but their new president Mr Mauricio Marci is trying to change that. He realized that economical and touristic opportunities exist now that China is growing its presence in Latin America. The Argentine President, Mauricio Marci said that more than 100 million Chinese citizens travel the world annually, "very few come to Argentina, some 30,000 a year. We hope to add a couple of more zeroes to that number," said President Macri.

This resulted the Argentinean government to announce this past week that all Chinese tourists no longer need to visit an embassy in order to obtain a tourist visa to visit Argentina but simply pay for the ETA (Electronic Tourist Authorization) - Apply here for your Chinese Argentina ETA.

This is a great implementation from the Argentinian Government, not only will this simplify travel for the Chinese citizens but it will also improve the lives of the Argentinian local people who depend on these tourists for income.

Chinese tourists have to apply for the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before arriving in Argentina.

It's important to note that they cannot pay the fee on arrival and some airline may not allow boarding without this document. No need to be stressed about this though, it's a very simple process and completely online. You can now apply online with iVisa in only a few easy steps.

What is the Argentina ETA? The Argentina Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) gives Chinese citizens the authorization to travel and to do business and enter Argentina without the need to visit an Argentine Embassy in order to obtain a visa. The ETA is electronically linked to the traveler´s passport thus no sticker is required in the applicant´s passport. Its crucial to note that this ETA is for short term touristic and business related stays for up to 90 days. (Business activities do not include work.) It will typically cost $50 USD (Excluding a service fee of $25USD) Important note: If you do not have a valid visa from the USA and or EU (Schengen Countries) visa then you have to apply at your nearest embassy. For those who reside in China, they will be able to apply in Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou. You can visit iVisa website for more information regarding Argentina ETA rules.

Are you Chinese and want to visit beautiful Argentinian glaciers, maybe you want to go on a cruise to Argentina, or visit jungles in the north? Then get your ETA with iVisa today and start planning your trip to one of South America´s most beautiful countries.

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