Tour the Colorful La Boca Neighborhood of Buenos Aires

Tour the Colorful La Boca Neighborhood of Buenos Aires
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

Take a Walking Tour of Famous La Boca in Buenos Aires

There’s more than wine and tango in this neighborhood. La Boca is unique and filled with rich history.

Follow the yellow brick road. No, you won’t get to OZ but if you’re in Buenos Aires there is a chance you could follow it all the way to a neighborhood in a rainbow. We’re talking about the brightly colored and happening place in the city: La Boca.

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Its name literally comes from its position along of the Riachuelo, an opening for all sorts of people to make port and venture onto land. We can give you the opportunity to see this colorful piece of work in Buenos Aires by assisting you with an Argentina visa

Our services provide user friendly experiences which should take care of the Argentina reciprocity fee and get your passport linked with a visa to Argentina. Once the virtual paperwork is complete, you’ll be off to see the wizard, or even better, local tango dancers.

La Boca historically has been a place for immigrants coming in from Italy, Spain and other countries to start a new life. In more modern times, the neighborhood has morphed into a tighter space of functioning families, artists and visionaries, all working toward a brighter future. Each house is uniquely painted and possess a story. There are a few home which have since been modified and transformed into museums, offering a place of refuge for timely artifacts and artwork. On the streets, you will be captivated by music and lively tango from locals. If one catches your eye or ear, tip. It’s much appreciated for these hard working artists.

A few places to definitely add to the list of must dos:

-Tower of the Ghost: Said to be one of the most haunted areas in La Boca, the spirit of an artist lingers in the second story. Enter if you dare.

-Casa Amarilla: Not the original but close enough. This yellow house is a replica to one of Argentina’s most popular and famous war hero, Admiral Brown.

-Caminito: High foot traffic but worth the stroll. It takes you into an historical tour of this neighborhood.

Wear comfortable shoes as it will take a bit to get through. For safety reasons, we definitely recommend you take a tour during the daytime. La Boca can get rough at night, especially to those who are wandering into unfamiliar territory. Always be aware of your surroundings. Colorful buildings can blind you, literally if the sun hits it just right. Be smart but have fun!

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