Travel and Holidays in Patagonia Paradise

Travel and Holidays in Patagonia Paradise

iVisa | Updated on Nov 22, 2020

Nothing is free in the world and this includes paying an Argentina reciprocity fee if you should feel inclined on making a visit.

Argentina’s Patagonia not only takes careful planning and plenty of other costs but if you are from Canada, United States or Australia, you will need to pay this little fee. We understand it may be confusing on how or where to make sure you are covered for a journey to Patagonia, which is why we have established /visa-blog to make it easier on you. Pay us a visit and soon enough you can be off gallivanting the natural world of Argentina.

Argentine Patagonia

The Patagonia in Argentina is one of the most beautiful locations on earth. Definitely geared more for anyone who loves the outdoors and experiencing nature at its stunning glory. There are countless places to discover. Everything from whale watching in Puerto Madryn to unbelievable mountains, Patagonia has it. Enjoy a long trekked skiing experience? Spend time from June – September hitting the slopes of fresh powder. Stay in the lap of luxury at top notch ski resorts in Bariloche or Esquel, to name a few.

A popular activity amongst travelers and locals alike is hiking or trekking through mountain ranges. Cerro Alvear is one such destination for the optimistic hiker. Stunning landscape, deep blue lakes and fantastic panoramic scenery replicating a postcard, these treks can make long lasting memories for anyone. During the warmer season, bring a bathing suit and jump right into refreshing waters. Nothing quite beats backstroking in a crystal lake with picturesque mountains soaring into the sky all around you. Don’t stay in the water too long. Even though waters may be refreshing, they remain very much on the colder side.

Due to Argentina’s location, weather remains in the colder side for most of the year. Though this doesn’t promote sunbathing on beaches, it does make a perfect escape for winter activities. We’ve mentioned skiing, but there is a lot more to be done.

Exploring glaciers makes for a very unique experience, not to mention a cold one. Don’t despair though. It’s not always cold. If you travel from October-March, colorful wild flowers cover mountainsides and tall green grass casually blows in the wind. It really does have it perks during any season of the year. Patagonia, despite having a beautiful spring, is best seen on the ski slopes in the bitter cold winters. Plus, after a long day of downhill madness, you get the opportunity to sip on hot cocoa while admiring one of the world’s most breathtaking sites.

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