Travel to Argentina for Outdoor Adventures in Lanin National Park

Travel to Argentina for Outdoor Adventures in Lanin National Park

iVisa | Updated on Nov 22, 2020

Lanin Park

Not everyone is an artist but we can all admire its beauty, especially after you have the low down on the Argentina Reciprocity Fee you can appreciate nature’s paintbrush in person.

Isn’t this planet absolutely amazing? From towering mountains to shimmering blue oceans, earth never ceases to leave each of us in awe. In Argentina, it appears an artistic mastermind created the heavens within our reach.

Glaciers, volcanoes and lakes, all there to be explored and gazed upon. Pictures never do justice to reality, which is why we have created a simple to use website, aimed at transporting you from home to paradise.

If we could teleport you now without having to do any paperwork, we would but unfortunately the laws of physics have yet to allow this sort of travel.

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So where exactly is a must when visiting Argentina?

The list is long, we’ll tell you that! From learning Tango in Buenos Aires to waddling around with penguins in Tierra del Fuego, you will be amazed at what you can do after paying the Argentina Reciprocity Fee. Making your way down toward Patagonia, glacier and mountain regions beyond the scope of imagination are waiting.

Lanín National Park is one such place. As the third largest park in Argentina and located in the Neuquén Province, this region is home to diverse amounts of forests and lakes. If you are an outdoors type of person, venturing here is highly recommended. Lanín is an extinct volcano bordering Chile and the parks highest peak, topping out at around 12,460 feet. We have found and recommend detailed posts about tips for travel, visas and food to argentina available in these website.

The park’s most active town is San Martín de los Andes, found on the shoreline of Lake Lácar. San Martín provides alpine styled buildings and an abundant amount of services, making it a perfect base camp for anyone wanting to spend a while exploring the park. Hotels, restaurants and local shops make for a comfortable stay, unless you would rather camp in the wilderness. Hiking to the top of Lanín can be done in about two days. Mountain huts are positioned along the path for those not carrying a tent. Other peaks you can explore inside Lanín National Park are Chivo, Colorado and Mallo, all of which are one or two days of hiking. Mountain biking is another popular activity throughout the park and can be easily done regardless of where you are located. Either bring your own or rent on in San Martín. Plus, you can also grab a kayak and spend the day on a lake beneath the glaciers. Looking for a daring water adventure? Try white water rafting. It’s a great pastime in the park during summer months!

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