Rules for the citizens of Armenia visa-free countries

iVisa | Updated on Jun 28, 2022

Going on a trip to Armenia implies quite a little bit of planning. But one of the things you need to consider first is the visa. You may or may not be required to obtain an Armenia visa in advance. To find that out, feel free to use iVisa’s Visa Checker Tool. You must select your nationality from the drag-down menu on the left, and then choose Armenia as your destination in the box on the right. Once you do that, the information you need will be displayed in just an instant?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How many Armenia visa-free countries are there?

At this moment, the citizens of 62 countries are visa-free. That means they do not have to apply for an Armenia visa when traveling to this country. They enjoy an exemption.

For how long can the citizens of Armenia visa-free countries stay in Armenia?

The answer to this question depends on nationality. While most of them can stay in Armenia without a visa for up to 180 days, others are not allowed to remain inside the country for a period of up to 90 days. We are referring to the citizens of Macao, Iran, and Tajikistan.

Do the citizens of Armenia visa-free countries need any kind of travel document?

Yes. Even if you are exempt from getting an Armenia visa, you still need to hold a valid passport upon entry. The passport needs to maintain its validity for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival.

What about the travelers who do not originate from Armenia visa-free countries?

In case you are not exempt from getting an Armenia visa, you need to apply for one. Now, the way you apply depends on your nationality. You can either obtain a visa on arrival/electronic visa, or your only option is to visit the nearest Armenian embassy and request a consular visa. Keep in mind that all nationalities that qualify for a visa on arrival are also eligible for an Armenia electronic visa.

How can I find out that I am eligible for an Armenia e-visa?

The same way you find out whether you are exempt from getting an Armenia visa or not. You can use iVisa’s Visa Checker Tool.

For what purposes can I travel in Armenia with an Armenia e-visa?

The Armenia e-visa covers multiple purposes. You can use it to go to Armenia for tourism, business, and medical purposes. You can also use it to visit family or friends, attend an educational conference or a sports event.

Can I obtain an Armenia visa on arrival at any border checkpoint?

Unfortunately, no. There are only a few specific border checkpoints that can issue an Armenia visa on arrival. They are as follows: Ayrum railway station, Bavra, Bagratashen, Gogavan, land borders with the Republic of Georgia, Zvartnots International Airport, and the Meghri land border with Iran. The same checkpoints will accept electronic visas.

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