Australia ETA renewal - when is it necessary

Australia ETA renewal - when is it necessary
iVisa | Updated on May 18, 2019

Traveling to Australia means that you have to get a visa, or if you are eligible, you can apply for an ETA. The ETA is an electronic travel authorization that allows certain nationalities to go to Australia without paying a visit to the nearest Australian embassy. The document can be obtained online. With iVisa, it can be ready in just 30 minutes.

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To find out whether or not you qualify for an Australia ETA, you can use iVisa’s Visa Checker Tool. It can be found on iVisa’s homepage. All you have to do is access the page, select your nationality in the drag-down menu on the left, and choose Australia in the box on the right. The result will be displayed in just a second. If you are indeed eligible for an ETA, you will be redirected to the application page. It is as simple as that.

Now, if you have already applied for an Australia ETA, then you may want to know when a renewal is in order. That is easy to find out since according to Australia’s visa policy, an electronic travel authorization is valid for 1 year since the date of issue. To give you an example, let’s say that your ETA is issued on June 3rd, 2019. As a result, your travel document is valid until the same date, but 2020. Simple, right?

Another aspect that may concern you at this point is if you can arrive in Australia and stay there after your ETA expires. And the answer is yes. What you need to know is that you can travel to Australia until the last day of validity of your ETA. So, if your flight is on June 2nd, 2020, you are within your rights to make that trip. The only thing you have to worry about is the maximum stay you are granted. As long as your visit does not exceed 90 days, even after your ETA’s validity expires, you are in legality.

Are there any instances for a necessary Australia ETA renewal?

The answer to this question is also yes. Your Australia ETA can expire before its valid expiration date. How is that possible? It depends on the validity of your passport. We will give you another example for a better understanding.

The rules say that you cannot apply for an Australia ETA if your passport is not valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Australia. But let’s say that your passport is valid for 10 months from that moment. So, if your ETA is issued on June 3rd, 2019, you would think that it expires on June 3rd, but 2020, right? You would be wrong. Since your passport expires in April 2020, it means that the ETA will expire at the same time.

The reason behind this connection is that an Australia ETA is electronically linked to your passport. Since the ETA is issued based on your passport, it only makes sense that it would expire when the passport does. In that case, you need to apply for a new passport and then you have to apply for a new Australia ETA on the basis of the new passport.

The bottom line is that an Australia ETA renewal is necessary in two cases: when the validity of the ETA expires, and if the passport expires before that. In both cases, you are required to apply for a new electronic travel authorization, but iVisa can help you with that, and it should only take about 20 minutes to apply.

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