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Australia has always been a favorite destination for travelers due to its multiple destinations. Despite this fact, there are times when a person only travels to Australia to visit another country. Hence, in order to facilitate the entry of this type of passengers, the Australian Department of Home Affairs has implemented the Transit Visa (Subclass 771). A document that will allow you to enter Australia for up to 72 hours before taking your next flight. To make things easier for you, now is processing this document, you can get it by applying here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What documents do I need to apply for this Australia Transit Visa?

We will need the following in order to process your application:

  • Applicant Photo

  • Passport Personal Details Scan

  • Travel Itinerary

  • Documentation to enter Destination Country

  • All Passport Pages Scan

  • Evidence of employement

  • Visa for country of residence

Will it take you long to process this document? Also, how much would I pay for it?

They will change according to the processing speed. Check the list below for more details:

  • Standard Processing: It will take to process 16 Business Days your Transit Visa. Plus, our service fee here is USD 80.00.
  • Rush Processing: On our next processing speed, you will get your Visa in 13 Business Days. Also, here our fee will be USD 110.00.
  • Super Rush Processing: If you have to travel fast, then this is the one for you. Here we’ll process your application in 10 Business Days. The service fee of USD 130.00 may sound a little higher but you won't regret choosing this option.

I've decided to apply. How can I do it?

Great! Well first click here to start your application and then proceed with the following:

  • Fill the form with your basic information and select the processing speed of your preference.
  • Review your application to check everything is fine and, finally, make the payment.

Does it take long to fill all the form for this Australia Transit Visa?

It's the opposite, you will be able to submit your application in less than 10 minutes! Just click here to start.

Is this Transit Visa valid for multiple uses?

This Visa is only valid for one use. You will need to apply for a new Transit Visa on each occasion.

Are you a reliable choice to process my Australia Transit Visa?

Our vast experience processing travel documents for multiple countries speaks for us. Moreover, our forms are really easy to fill, which assure that your application is sent according to the government’s regulations. However, please do not forget the final response depends entirely on them.

How can I contact you?

Simple! Just start a chat with one of our customer service agents. You can send us an e-mail as well at

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