Azerbaijan visa for Bolivian

Azerbaijan visa for Bolivian

iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2020

As of January 2017, Azerbaijan joined countries that can release evisas. At the moment, there are 93 nationalities including Bolivian that can apply for such document, and it is a considerable success. Moreover, more countries are to be added to the list such as Lithuania and The United Arab Emirates.

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Checking your eligibility is very easy. iVisa provides a tool called Visa Checker. You insert Bolivian nationality, choose Azerbaijan as your destination, and you will find out what you need to know in just a second.

What are the requirements for Bolivian?

Even the electronic system requires you to provide a few things, but the list is short, and chances are that you already have everything you need.

  • Valid passport – since you need a visa to go to Azerbaijan, a passport is self-explanatory. If you already have one, keep in mind that it needs to be valid for at least another three months from your departure date.

  • A digital copy of your passport – while you fill in the application form, you will be asked to upload a digital copy of your passport. Make sure to scan it before completing the form so that the process runs smoother.

  • E-mail address – iVisa sends the documents via e-mail in PDF format. Although the visa will be linked to your passport electronically, you will still need a copy. Make sure that the address you insert is valid and the spelling is accurate.

  • Means of payment – iVisa accepts multiple methods of payment. You can either use a credit or debit card or a Paypal account if you have one.

The application form

When Bolivian travelers think of forms, they usually take it as something complicated. We are all familiar with those government forms that require translation. However, iVisa designed a short and simple application process that is easy to understand. Even so, if you have any trouble understanding and completing it, iVisa provides 24/7 support service.

The process is divided into three steps. The first one will ask you to insert your basic information such as name, address, email, date of birth, passport info, and so on. You are also required to choose a processing time during this step. The choices can be found below. The second step consists of a simple revision and payment. It is crucial that all the information you insert is accurate. Last but not least, you need to complete a personal questionnaire and upload additional documents. Extra documents will be case to case basis.

After you are done completing the form, all you need to do is hit the submit button and wait for the Azerbaijan visa to arrive via email. It is as simple as that.

Processing time and fees

The reason why these two are discussed together is that one determines the other. Basically, the processing time will dictate the service charge. iVisa provides three excellent options that are fit for every Bolivian. Here is what you can choose from:

  • Standard processing time – this is the cheapest option you have. Your application form will be processed within four business days, and it costs only $45. It is recommended that you allow two extra days so that if delays happen, which is almost never, you still get your Azerbaijan visa on time.

  • Rush processing time – the second available option is a bit faster than the previous. You will receive your evisa within two business days, but you will be charged $75.

  • Super Rush processing time – this one is ideal for people who forgot about their visa or have an emergency and need to be on the plane to Azerbaijan the next day. The application is processed in just one business day. As you can guess, the fees are a bit higher as well. The total amount will reach $95.

As you can see, there could not be a smoother process. The evisa you obtain will allow you a 30-day maximum stay in Azerbaijan. However, keep in mind that all Bolivian that exceed 10 days must be registered with the State Migration Service. You can ask your hotel or host how to do that. They can help you.

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