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Azerbaijan visa for Brazilian

iVisa | Updated on Sep 28, 2022

WE HAVE GOOD NEWS! Brazilian citizens have the option of acquiring an electronic visa through the ASAN system that was introduced in January 2017. At the moment, 93 countries have the same advantage as Brazilians in applying for an eVisa for Azerbaijan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Azerbaijan eVisa for Brazilian?

It is an official authorization to travel to Azerbaijan. For that, the only institution that grants this document is the Azerbaijani Government.

What do you need?

To get your visa without any problem, you will need to have the following documents:

  • Valid passport – it is important that your passport has a valid date for more than 3 months from the first day of arrival in the territory of Azerbaijan.

  • Digital copy of your passport – your passport scan should not be blurred.

  • E-mail address – verify that you have a valid email to avoid any issue because we will send your visa via email. It is necessary to remember that you will need a copy of it.

  • Means of payment – we accept several methods of payment: credit/debit cards or PayPal.

What are the processing time and fees for Brazilian?

We will show you 3 alternatives of the processing times and each one with different amounts in order that you can choose according to your preference. The alternatives are:

  • Standard – this is one of the affordable prices that we have and you will acquire your visa in 3 Business Days. The payment is USD $71.49.

  • Rush – selecting this process, your visa will be ready in your email inbox in 2 Business Days and the price is USD $118.99.

  • Super Rush –this is the best choice for you if you need your visa as soon as possible because it will be in 6 hours and the price to pay is USD $160.99.

How's the iVisa application form?

The eVisa form for Brazilian, it is not difficult as you think. We provide our friendly agents in case you need assistance.

  1. Complete your data and select the processing time and price of your preference to continue with your eVisa.

  2. Check your data and make corresponding payment. Revision is crucial because any mistake could lead to a invalid eVisa!

  3. In this part, you will find personal questions and then you will need to upload your documents.

Once you finish, submit your request and wait for your visa in the timeframe that you selected.

What is the validity of this e-visa? How many entries am I granted?

The validity of this Azerbaijan visa is for 90 days after issued. Also, it provides a Single Entry.

How long can I stay in the country?

You can be in te nation of Azerbaijan for 30 days in Total.

Can I extend my stay?

Yes, you can. Just apply for an extension with the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Unluckily, we are not allowed to assist you with this type of process.

Should I staple my eVisa to my passport?

NO. It is essential that you show your passport along with your electronic visa. Both separately.

Do I need to get an eVisa if I am transiting through the country?

No, you don't. In case you are in the international transit area and have a stopover, it will not be necessary to obtain an eVisa.

Can I apply for family and/or friends?

Yes, absolutely. Just gather all the required documents and just complete the form.

How does an Azerbaijan e-visa look like?

This is an example of eVisa:

Fill me in

Where can I look up more information?

Click here if you want to ask some questions to our super operators and read more info here.

Do not wait any longer and apply with us. We make this process easy and straightforward to understand.

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