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iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2022

Azerbaijan has just recently embraced the electronic visa system. It was just in January 2017, when the ASAN system was launched, and now, there are more than 93 countries including Italian Citizens that can request for this eVisa.

If you're from Italy, then you'll be happy to know that you're able to apply for this visa. Keep reading this article to know more about this.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have an Italian passport, do I need a visa to enter Azerbaijan?

Yes, you need. In that case, you can apply for an Azerbaijan eVisa. If you want, verify the requirements here.

What is an Azerbaijan eVisa for Italian Citizens?

This is a virtual document that offers you permission to enter Azerbaijan.

How long can visitors from Italy stay in Azerbaijan with the e-Visa?

You are allowed to stay in Azerbaijan for 30 days in Total. In case you want to be in the nation of Azerbaijan for more than 10 days, just register with the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan upon arrival.

What are the requirements for Italians ?

Make sure that you’ve gathered all the necessary documents before completing your application form:

  • Valid passport – This is the usual requirement when going anywhere outside your country. If you already have one at your disposal, just assure that it is valid and still remains for another 3 months from the date of departure to Azerbaijan.

  • Digital copy of your passport – it's an important document, so ensure that the information is clear.

  • Valid e-mail address – by this email you will receive your visa in a PDF format and preferably you will have to print it and carry it with you at all times.

  • Payment Methods – we have different types of modalities to pay your application as a credit or a debit card, and Paypal.

How long is the Azerbaijan eVisa valid for?

This eVisa has a validation of 90 days after issued.

What are the processing times and also the fees?

Thinking of you, we have 3 alternatives starting from the most comfortable cost to the most expensive for your application. Please read each of the three options available:

  • Standard – you can take this option and your visa will be ready in 6 Business Days. The amount is USD $84.99.

  • Rush – this option will reduce the waiting time, which means that your Azerbaijan e-Visa will arrive in 5 Business Days. Just remember that you need to pay more if you select this processing time. The cost is USD $147.99.

  • Super Rush – if you don't have time and you need your visa as soon as possible. With this options, your visa will be done in 4 Business Days paying a total of USD $202.99.

How long does it take to apply for this eVisa?

You only need 20 minutes of your time to complete your form.

How is the application form?

Once you have all the documents, just complete the application form. This is not difficult to do it, but our operators will be attentive to any questions you have.

There are 3 sections in accomplishing the form:

  1. First, start completing your personal details and choose one of the processing times mentioned before. Remember that what you’ll choose will determine the cost you will pay in step two.

  2. In the second part, check out the information and pay for your request. Italian Citizens should insert the data carefully and accurately to avoid any mistake.

  3. In the last step, you will have to answer some questions about yourself and upload the required documents. Consider that not everyone will be asked to upload extra documents.

Click in this link if you're ready to begin the process. Complete and submit your application and then wait for it.

What happens after I have completed the application?

Once you have finished the application, your visa will be in your email in the time frame.

How many times can I enter Azerbaijan if I'm from Italy?

If you are from Italy, you will get a Single Entry visa.

Do I need to get an Azerbaijan e-Visa for my children?

If you plan to travel with your kids and without the other progenitor, you need to have an authorization letter from that missing parent.

How can I apply for my family members?

You can apply for family members or even friends as long as they're also Italian or from any country with this eVisa available, just assure that you have all the proper documentation. Then, apply here.

If you want to add more applicants, click on ‘Add new applicant’ in the application form and continue with the process.

Do I need an Azerbaijan e-Visa if I am just in transit lounge?

You don't have to apply for a visa if you will stay in the international transit area.

What can I do if I make a mistake?

It depends. For example, if you are completing your information in the application form, you can contact our customer service workers as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if your Azerbaijan eVisa is done, you cannot make any modifications.

How does this e-Visa look like?

Fill me in

Is it secure to use iVisa to get my Azerbaijan Electronic Visa?

We care about the quality of service we provide to our customers including the protection of their personal information and confidentiality. It is normal for many people to think that their personal data is in danger; luckily, it is not our case. You can visit here to read testimonials about our clients who have already had the opportunity to request eVisas.

I have more unresolved questions, where can I read more info about it?

Click here and chat with one of our operators to solve any question. Furthermore, you can read more FAQs and info here.

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