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Azerbaijan visa for Kuwaiti

Azerbaijan visa for Kuwaiti
iVisa | Updated on Apr 20, 2020

Azerbaijan is one of the countries that issue electronic visas since January 2017. Today, only 93 nations have the facility to apply for that eVisa easily and quickly. Luckily, the country of Kuwaiti belongs to this group.

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To see if you qualify for this eVisa or not, you only have to enter your country of origin and in the other box place Azerbaijan. The information will automatically appear and you will know if you qualify for this eVisa or not.

What documents are required for Kuwaiti?

We will show you the whole documents that you must collect in order to apply to this eVisa. Carefully read each one of them.

  • Valid passport – your passport must be valid for 3 more months from your entry in the Azerbaijan country.

  • A digital scan of your passport – ensure that your passport information is not blurred.

  • E-mail address – insert a valid email in order to obtain information about your Visa.

  • Means of payment – at the end of the form, you will have to pay your application; for that, you will have to use your debit/credit card or Paypal.

Azerbaijan eVisa – processing time and fees

We will present the different processes and fees that we have for you in order to make a good decision for your application. Note that the faster you want your visa, the more you have to pay. Now, check the alternatives:

  • Standard processing time – this processing offers you to get your eVisa in USD $84.99 and paying the amount of 6 Business Days.

  • Rush processing time – your visa will be done in 5 Business Days and the cost is USD $126.99.

  • Super Rush processing time – it is the fastest and your visa will be completed in 4 Business Days. The price for this process is USD $173.99.

The application form

The form for Azerbaijan eVisa has 3 simple sections and of course, we have our friendly support service in case you have any doubts.

  1. Complete your data and trip information and select one of the options of the processing time for your application.

  2. In this part, you have to review and make the corresponding payment.

  3. In the last part, you will find a questionnaire and you will have to attach your documents. Sometimes, depending on your answers, you will have to submit additional documents. Do not forget to submit your form once you finish and wait for your eVisa.

This type of eVisa will allow you to be in the country of Kuwaiti for 30 days in Total. Nevertheless, if your trip lasts more than 10 days, your stay must be registered with the State Migration Service. It is recommended that you consult your hotel or host for assistance.

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