Azerbaijan visa for Serbian citizens

Azerbaijan visa for Serbian citizens

iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2020

Last January 2017, Azerbaijan joined the rest of the world in the digitalization of their visa system. It is called the ASAN system. 93 nationalities including Serbian citizens are entitled to apply for the electronic visa online. Presently, there are negotiations with Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates. Very soon, more and more countries will get a hold of an Azerbaijan e-visa.

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To determine if you eligibility for an Azerbaijan evisa, iVisa provides a very expedient way and that is through the Visa Checker. You simply have to enter Serbian citizens as your nationality and Azerbaijan as your destination, and the information will be shown right away. If you are qualified, you will be redirected to a page where you can apply. It is as easy as that.

What documents are required for Serbian citizens?

To save effort and a lot of time, it is best if you prepare all the documents you are required to provide before you apply. This is a short list. Most probably, you already have everything you need.

  • Valid passport – like all international travels, you need a passport. If you already have one, see to it that it is valid and remains so for at least another three months from the date of your visit to Azerbaijan.

  • Digital copy of your passport – you are required to have your passport scanned first before filling in the form. You will be needed to upload it before you can submit your application. While the information page is the most important, scan the entire thing.

  • Valid e-mail address – while the evisa will be connected to your passport electronically, you will be asked to show a printed copy of your evisa at the immigration office. To be sure, print several copies and put them in different bags so that you are not going to lose your visa.

  • Means of payment – aside from credit or debit card payment, iVisa also accepts payment thru Paypal.

Azerbaijan evisa for Serbian citizens– the application form

After the documents are prepared, you can now fill in the application form. It is very easy to follow but in case you need assistance, iVisa’s very helpful customer service is available 24/7.

The application form is divided into three very simple steps. The first step will ask you to provide your general information like name, address, email, passport info, and so on. At this point, you will also be required to select processing time. Your choice will determine the service charge. iVisa provides three amazing choices:

  • Standard processing time –the most affordable option and the most popular. This comes with four business days as processing time. This is for only $45. You should apply 6 days before departure because while delays almost never happen, it is best to be on the safe side. The ‘2 days in advance’ rule applies to all processing times.

  • Rush processing time – your visa will arrive within 2 business days, for only $75.

  • Super Rush processing time – this is the fastest processing time. You will receive your Azerbaijan evisa for Serbian citizens in just one business day. However, as you can expect, this is also the most expensive option with $95 as processing fee.

Revision and payment is the second step. Travelling Serbian citizens should input your information carefully and accurately to prevent confusion or loss of your document. The last step will ask you to upload supplementary information and answer a few personal questions. As for the former action, not everyone needs to upload the same documents. For instance, if you travel with your minor child without the other parent, you will be required to secure an authorization letter from the said parent. After that, you hit submit and wait for the visa to arrive in your email inbox.

The document that you will receive will permit Serbian citizens to stay in Azerbaijan for a maximum of 30 days. If you stay longer than 10 days, you need to register with the State Migration Service. Hotels are more than willing to provide such service for you as well as business hosts.

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