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Japanese who want to visit Bahrain has a new benefit. Now they are part of the group of countries chosen to apply online for a Bahrain eVisa. This means, that you don't have to get an approach to the embassy to get a consular visa anymore. You have the option to get your eVisa online by using iVisa's services.

This is an excellent option if you have a Japanese passport and you want to avoid the bureaucratic process of getting a consular visa. In this article, you can learn more.

Frequently Questions // FAQs

Do I need to get a visa to enter Bahrain if I am from Japan?

Yes, if you're Japanese, you need to apply. But there is no reason to worry, you can apply for a Visa online.

Is it necessary to visit the Bahrain Embassy for any Travel Arrangements?

It is not, – you have more options to visit Bahrain and avoid dealing with the authorities. The embassy only decides on the approval or rejection of any visa. The other previous steps to obtain your visa can be handle by other visa specialists. An iVisa is the best option. It is a licensed company that assists you in the visa processing with no embassies visit needed.

What is a Bahrain Tourist eVisa document?

A Bahrain Tourist eVisa is an authorized document that permits your entrance to Bahrain.

How long can I be in Bahrain?

As a Japanese citizen, you are able to be in Bahrain for 30 days Per Entry.

What are the requirements?

Applying for a Bahrain eVisa is simpler than you imagine. However, you need some things before you begin with the process. Every required information or document is very accessible. This is the list of things you'll have to provide:

  • Passport Personal Details Scan

  • Return Air Ticket

  • Proof of Accommodation

  • Most recent 3 months bank statements (if applicable)

  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable)

  • Justification Letter (if applicable)

  • GCC Residence Permit (if applicable)

  • Work Certificate (if applicable)

Keep in mind that since the eVisa will be linked to your passport document electronically, is still needed a hardcopy. You will need to provide one at the immigration office. Do not worry, iVisa will send you a copy of this document by your e-mail in PDF format, so you need an e-mail address to receive it. Make sure that it is valid and its spelling is accurate.

You are also required to make the payment for the visa services while completing the application process. Most people can use a credit or a debit card, but iVisa accepts Paypal payment that as well.

What are the processing times and fees to get a Bahrain e-Visa?

The price of the Bahrain eVisa change according to the processing time. You are able to choose between three options provided by iVisa. Remember, the faster you wish to get your visa, the more money you will need to pay for it. These are the option for you to select:

  • Standard option – Waiting 7 Business Days, you will obtain your visa for only USD 114.00. It is still an excellent option if you want to plan ahead.

  • Rush option – this cuts your processing time in half. The application will be ended in 6 Business Days and have your visa by that time. This is why the price is USD 144.00.

  • Super Rush option – you can choose this processing time if you are in a rush. Your will have your visa within only 5 Business Days. As you can expect, the price is higher as well. The total cost will be USD 179.00.

Delays seldom happen, but it's recommended to apply for your Bahrain e-visa ahead of time. For example, if you select the Rush processing time, it's better if you apply 7 days earlier from the date of your departure. Even so, you will be notified of any delay that could happen.

How much time does it take to apply for the Bahrain visa?

With just 20 minutes or even less time, you'll be ready to proceed with your Bahrain e-Visa.

How can I make my application?

iVisa designed a really simple and especially online form. There are three simple steps that you need to go through, and if you feel that require assistance, do not hesitate and make a call to our iVisa’s support service. Someone is always available for you24/7.

  1. Step one of the online application form will need you to fill in your basic information and then select a processing time. Remember that your choice will affect the price of your Bahrain visa.

  2. The second step of the process consists of a quick revision and payment. Ensures that every piece of information you provide is accurate. Once you finish the application, you cannot make any modifications, the cost is non-refundable.

  3. Third step consists of a personal questionnaire and document upload. The additional documents depend on your particular case, it is not the same for all the applicants. Don worry, we will notify you of any extra requirement.

How many times can I enter Bahrain with my Japanese passport and the eVsa?

If you travel with yout Japanese passport and your Bahrain e-Visa, you'll have Multiple Entry access.

What should I do if I want to travel with my children?

If this is your case, a document will be necessary. This is a permission letter signed by the other parent (or a death certificate in case the spouse is deceased).

Am I able to extend my stay in Bahrain?

If you want to stay longer in Bahrain, then you must visit the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence (NPRA) so they can help you with this.

How does my future Bahrain Electronic Visa will look like?

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How safe is to make an application with iVisa?

iVisa company has a great rate in security terms and also has a top-notch procedure to ensure all user accounts are in a private space and totally safe. Don't get stressed, your personal information won't be leaked, you can trust iVisa to protect your data properly.

Where can I have more info about Bahrain?

If you have more doubts or unresolved question, then don't worry. Clickhere to get more info about this amazing country. We have also a second option to have more info, if you prefer to talk directly with one of our agents, please click here, We will be happy and pleased to guide you.

Clearly, the application is quite easy. A Bahrain visa for Japanese Citizens is so simple to obtain. You deserve time to relax and avoid the whole process, iVisa will do the rest for you. Just only take care of the rest of your journey!

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