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Bahrain’s policy to get a visa is manageable for anyone. Several nationalities, including South African, can easily apply for an electronic visa that allows them to stay for a certain period of time in the country.

A good thing for you to consider is that offers you the option to get this e-Visa as soon as you need it, even if you're in a rush.

In this post, you'll learn what are all the documents required and other useful information like the price for this e-Visa and if it's safe to apply for it online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm from South Africa, do I need a visa for Bahrain?

Yes, if you're South African you need this visa. Authorities will ask you for this document, so you better have it in order to avoid any inconvenience on your trip.

What is a Bahrain e-Visa for South Africa?

This e-Visa is an authorized document provided by the Bahrain Government. This e-Visa allows you to enter Bahrain legally.

How long can I stay in Bahrain if I have this e-Visa?

With this electronic visa, you can stay for 30 days Per Entry.

What do I need as a South African to apply?

You will never find a simpler service other than iVisa. However, that doesn't mean you do not have to make a small effort. It requires you to provide the necessary documents to proceed with your application. Here is a list of what you need:

  • Passport Personal Details Scan

  • Return Ticket

  • Proof of Accommodation

  • Most recent 3 months bank statements (if applicable)

  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable)

  • Justification Letter (if applicable)

  • GCC Residence Permit (if applicable)

  • Travel Authorization by Employer or University (if applicable)

Don't forget to take a look at the expiry date of your passport. It needs to remain valid for at least another 6 months from your date of departure. Otherwise, your application will be denied.

You also have to consider the following requirements in order to receive your visa successfully and also avoid any delay while completing the application form with iVisa:

  • Return flight ticket – Bahrain’s immigration office needs to make sure that South Africans will stay just for a valid amount of time with the e-Visa. One way of doing this is by showing them a return flight ticket. It may not be the most reliable proof, but plane tickets are not cheap, so it is a start.

  • Means of subsistence – you must also prove that you can support yourself during your trip. You may be required to show a bank statement.

  • Means of payment – before submitting your application, you will be asked to make the payment, both for the visa itself and for the services provided by iVisa. You can use a credit or a debit card.

  • Valid e-mail address – the Bahrain e-Visa will be sent to your e-mail in PDF format, which is why it is crucial that you insert it correctly. Double-check the spelling for your peace of mind.

How long is the Bahrain e-Visa valid for?

It expires 90 days after arrival, so if you're from South Africa, consider this before arranging your trip.

What are the processing times and prices for the Bahrain e-Visa?

The prices will depend on how fast you want your visa. Here are your options:

  • Standard processing – this is the most affordable option you have. Your application will be processed within 7 Business Days, and it costs USD $118.49 (or the equivalent of whatever currency you have in your country).

  • Rush processing – this process is faster. You must wait for 6 Business Days until your visa is ready, but the price is higher as well. The total amount you need to pay is USD $149.99.

  • Super Rush processing – in case of emergency, you can select this processing time. Your application will be processed within only 5 Business Days. As you can expect, the price is higher this time. You must pay USD $186.99.

How long does it take to apply for a Bahrain Visa online?

If you decide to apply for a Bahrain e-Visa you'll be happy to know that it's a quick process, and it should take you 15 minutes at most.

How to apply for a Bahrain eVisa if I'm from South Africa?

Once you have everything you need, you can proceed to fill in the form. It is easy to comprehend, and if you require any help, iVisa puts at your disposal an excellent support service that is available 24/7.

The process consists of three simple steps:

  1. The first one will ask you to insert your general information such as name, address, e-mail address, passport info, and others. Also, during step one, you will need to choose a processing time. Do not forget that your selection will determine the price of the visa.

  2. The second part of the application process consists of revision and payment. It is imperative for you to insert the information you are asked to provide as accurately as possible. As soon as the visa is linked to your passport electronically, changes are not permitted.

  3. Last but not least, the third step if you're South African, will require you to answer a set of personal questions and upload additional documents. The questionnaire is simple, but the additional documents depend on the situation. Once you are done with all that, you submit your application and wait for it to arrive in the timeframe you chose.

How many times can I enter Bahrain with this visa?

You have Multiple Entry. This means that you're allowed to enter more than once with your e-Visa.

Do I need a Bahrain e-Visa for my children too?

If you travel with your minor child, you will need an authorization letter from your spouse (or a death certificate if the spouse is deceased).

Is it possible to extend my e-Visa if I want to stay longer?

Yes, you can extend your visa. But for that, you have to visit the NPRA (The General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence) for more info once you are inside Bahrain.

How does this e-Visa look like?

Fill me in

What do I have to do if I make a mistake during the application?

In case you've realized that you have a mistake in your application form and you have any doubt about solving it, you can contact us for a better resolution, as long as you don't send the form yet.

Is it totally safe to apply for this visa online?

iVisa is highly rated when we talk about security online. If you’re worried about your personal information being leaked or exposed to others, you can trust in iVisa, it won't happen.

Where can I get more information about this e-Visa?

In case you still have some questions, you can check here for more information about Bahrain, including its tourism. On the contrary, if you want to talk personally to one of our customer service agents, then click here, we'll be glad to assist you.

As you can see, the process could not be simpler. The Bahrain visa for South African you receive is valid for 30 days Per Entry and allows you Multiple Entry. It is easy to acquire and iVisa does an excellent job of servicing you.

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