Bangladesh Tourist Visa for Citizens of Iceland

Bangladesh Tourist Visa for Citizens of Iceland

iVisa | Updated on Feb 15, 2020

Are you traveling to Bangladesh as a citizen of Iceland? If so, you'll need a visa. As a foreign national, you have to ensure that you provide sufficient information and take the appropriate steps to secure your visa. If you're traveling for tourism, the Bangladesh Tourist Visa is the one for you.


Getting a tourist visa starts with filling out this simple application form. We will rapidly review your application form and provide a reference for completing the application process for visas in Bangladesh, which includes all the required steps.

Bangladesh Tourist Visa Questions & Answers

How long is the processing time of a tourist visa for Bangladesh?

Processing times for the Bangladesh Tourist Visa Application Form will depend on your entry requirements and how fast you will need the application to be processed.

All application forms are for a 60-day visa.

Processing Speed Single-Entry Double-Entry Multiple-Entry
Standard 9 days 9 days 9 days
Rush 7 days 7 days 7 days
Super Rush 5 days 5 days 5 days

What do I need to apply for my Bangladesh visa?

You'll need the following to complete your visa application:

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months of validity and 2 blanks pages
  • A passport-quality photo in digital format
  • A credit/debit card or PayPal account to pay for your visa online

What is the service fee for a Bangladesh tourist visa application?

Your fee will depend on which processing speed you choose for the 60-day tourist visa application form.

Processing Speed Single-Entry Double-Entry Multiple-Entry
Standard USD 25.00 USD 25.00 USD 25.00
Rush USD 45.00 USD 45.00 USD 45.00
Super Rush USD 80.00 USD 80.00 USD 80.00

When does my Bangladesh visa expire?

The expiration date of your Bangladesh tourist visa will be as follows:

  • Single Entry Visa: 60 days after issued
  • Double Entry Visa: 60 days after issued
  • Multiple Entry Visa: 60 days after issued

What is the status of my visa?

If you want to find out your visa status, you can use our free Visa Checker Tool. It is located on this page, in the top right corner. Choose your nationality and select Bangladesh as your destination.

Can I pay for the visa with cash?

This will depend on where you are applying. Please check the payment options for your designated Bangladesh Visa Application Center.

How long can I remain in Bangladesh with a tourist visa?

  • For a single-entry visa, the maximum stay in Bangladesh is 30 days in Total.
  • For a double-entry visa, the maximum stay in Bangladesh is 30 days in Total.
  • For a multiple-entry visa, the maximum stay in Bangladesh is 30 days in Total.

How many times can I enter Bangladesh with this visa?

Bangladesh's visa consists of three different entry options. Choose one and this will determine how many times you can enter Bangladesh with a tourist visa.

All visa application forms are for the 60-day tourist visa.

  • Single Entry Visa gives you Single Entry.
  • Double Entry Visa gives you Double Entry.
  • Multiple Entry Visa gives you Multiple Entry.

Does completing the electronic application guarantee I will get a visa?

No. While we will assist you with the visa application process, it is ultimately up to the government of Bangladesh to accept or decline your visa application.

Learn More about Bangladesh

Traditions, food, scenery, atmosphere, and people make this country the perfect for a vacation. You can explore the mangrove forests or countless rivers, visit the lively capital city, or, if you are feeling brave, go on a tiger safari in Sundarbans National Park.

What documents do I need to present at the Bangladesh Visa Application Center?

  • Printed application form with a recently-taken colored passport photo against a light background attached
  • Valid passport (at least 6 months of validity and 2 blank pages)
  • Proof of legal residence: Driver's license or government ID, or a utility bill
  • Your flight itinerary
  • Hotel reservation or invitation letter

Get a Bangladesh Tourist Visa - Iceland Citizens

Citizens of Iceland now have a simple and secure way to start the application process for a Bangladesh visa from anywhere. Save yourself time and energy by applying from home instead of going to your embassy.

We look forward to serving all of your visa needs.

Have a great trip to Bangladesh!

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