Benin Covid 19 Test: Check Requirements

Benin Covid 19 Test: Check Requirements

iVisa | Updated on Aug 24, 2021

Are you planning a visit to Benin and assuming what are Benin COVID 19 test requirements? You must check requirements for Benin COVID 19 test and other entry requirements before your travel date. You must obtain a Health Declaration Form and perform a COVID-19 test prior to your departure.

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What are the steps to complete to obtain a Health Declaration Form with

To obtain a Health Declaration Form with, you have to complete a few steps:

  • Go to our webpage and fill out an Application Form with the required data Depending on your needs, you can select the processing option.
  • Our experts will review your application and ask you to make changes if needed.
  • You will obtain your document via email.
  • Our services are affordable, quick, transparent, and simple to obtain a travel-related document.

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What is the need of applying in advance?

When you apply in advance, you can get sufficient time to fill in your application form and get an error-free form on time. We just need your travel dates and we will get your document ready even if you don’t remember about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Health Declaration Form?

A Health Declaration Form is a mandatory travel-related document that has been introduced by the government of Benin to reduce the spread of Coronavirus after the reopening of borders. You will have to give the details of your current health status, recent contacts, and trips in this form. As per the latest rules for Benin COVID 19 test requirements, you need to perform a COVID-19 test prior to your trip.

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What are other requirements for entering the country?

According to the recent announcement for the Benin COVID 19 test, you need to present a negative test report for Coronavirus before departure. The test must be performed within seventy-two hours of your travel date.

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Do I need to have certain items to apply for a Health Declaration Form?

Yes, you must have a few items to apply for a Health Declaration Form:

  • A scan of your valid passport.
  • An email address.
  • Mode of payment that suits you like a PayPal account or a credit/debit card.

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Can I get some information about the options for the processing time and price for a Health Declaration Form?

Yes, you can get an idea about the options for the processing time and price for a Health Declaration Form:

  • Standard Processing Time: Obtain your document in an average time at an affordable price. USD 115.00 - 24 hours.
  • Rush Processing Time: Receive your document a bit faster at a bit expensive price. USD 130.00 - 8 hours.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: Get your document in the minimal possible time for the most expensive price. USD 155.00 - 8 hours.

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Is a reliable option?

Yes, is a reliable option to Apply for a Health Declaration Form as we utilize the advanced systems for security to store your data safely.

How can I resolve queries?

To resolve your queries, you can visit our website or contact our customer care representatives. Recommends!

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