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Brazil Visa Application Form

Brazil Visa Application Form
iVisa | Updated on Jun 18, 2019

Please note Brazil has discontinued the eVisa for all countries as of June 17, 2019. For US, Canadian and Australian citizens, we strongly suggest registering your trip with your embassy.

Getting a Brazil visa should not be challenging, and for some people, it is not. US citizens, Canadians, Australians, and Japanese citizens can apply for a Brazil e-Visa starting January 2018. That means if you are one of the four nationalities, you are no longer required to go to the Brazilian embassy and apply for a consular visa. You can go through the process online, and most important of all, you get to avoid government application form.

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Government application forms are not the most accessible documents to understand. We all get confused sometimes, and if we are lucky, the office clerk that is supposed to help us might give us a scary look because we do not understand what it says on a piece of paper that should decide whether or not you can cross the border. iVisa, on the other hand, designed one of the simplest applications forms you are ever going to come across to.

The Brazil visa application form is broken down into three simple steps. The first one will require you to fill in your personal information like name, address, nationality, passport info, and so on. You are also required to select the processing time at this point. Bear in mind that your selection will determine how much you will be charged for your visa. The price of the document remains the same, while the service fee for iVisa differs according to your urgency. The faster you want your application to be processed, the more you are going to pay. Here is what you can choose from:

  1. Standard processing time – this is the cheapest option you have at hand and most people who apply use it. Your application will be processed within 10 business days, and you only have to pay $69.50 or the equivalent in your country’s currency. The price of the visa itself is $44.50, and the rest is a service fee for iVisa.

  2. Rush processing time – if you choose this option, your visa will be ready within 6 business days. As you can expect, you need to pay more for this time frame. It costs $99.50. The cost of the visa remains the same, but the service fee is higher this time ($55.)

  3. Super Rush processing time – if you want your Brazil eVisa as fast as possible, this is the option you need to choose. Your application will be processed within 4 business days. However, the cost is higher as well. You will be charged a total of $134.50, $44.50 for the visa, and $90 as a service fee.

The second step consists of a revision of everything you did in step one. You should check the spelling because it matters more than you think. Also, you need to make the payment at this point. You can use a credit or a debit card, and if you have a Paypal account, you can use that as well.

The third and last step will ask you to upload additional documents. You need to upload a digital copy of your passport, as well as a passport photo. It may be necessary to upload other documents as well, like an authorization letter from the other parent if you travel with your minor child.

That is pretty much it. As you can see, the Brazil visa application form is not difficult to comprehend, and if you find yourself not understanding something or in need of help, iVisa has an excellent support service that is ready to jump in and help you 24/7.

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