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Cambodia Visa for New Zealand Citizens

Cambodia Visa for New Zealand Citizens
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

Are you a New Zealand resident looking to travel internationally this year? Traveling the world is a rewarding, enriching experience that everyone should indulge in from time to time. There’s so much to see and learn by exploring cultures and countries other than your own.

Of course, not every aspect of traveling is fun and exciting. Figuring out the different rules and guidelines surrounding international travel by country can be overwhelming and disheartening. With so many requirements that differ from one country to the next, figuring out exactly what you need can be difficult. In fact – this process fills some would-be travelers with dread.

However, when you take advantage of an online visa service, like iVisa, you can allow the smartest in the industry to handle the technical details so you can get back to planning your amazing trip.

How does this process work? Read below for answers to some frequently asked questions.


What Documentation Do I Need to Get into Cambodia?

When visiting Cambodia, New Zealanders are required to present a travel visa. This visa comes in different forms: one form is a physical visa that is granted by the Cambodia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the other is an electronic visa that a visa service like iVisa obtains on your behalf.

Either form of tourist visa is fine for admittance into Cambodia – it all depends on your preference.

How Much Will My Cambodia Tourist Visa Cost?

If you apply for your visa online through iVisa, the prices are set in stone, with no surprise fees popping up along the way. The cost of your visa is $40 USD and the cost of the online servicing is $20. If you request an expedited visa, the additional costs will be displayed when you apply online.

Where Do I Apply for a Visa?

When applying for an online visa, everything can be done remotely, from a laptop, computer, or smartphone. To get started on your Cambodia application, visit this page.

What Do I Need to Apply Online?

When applying through iVisa, you’ll need a valid form of payment at the time of application. iVisa accepts debit, credit, and PayPal payments. You’ll also need your current passport, flight information, and answers to a few personal questions used to confirm your identity.

Is the Online Application Process Safe and Secure?

The security of online applications always varies from company to company, but one of the pillars of iVisa’s services is their commitment to security. They assure users that all information is as secure and confidential as possible, and can back this up with their incredible user reviews. Still, we recommend that you play it smart when creating an account by not choosing a simple or easy-to-guess password.

For a quick and easy way to apply for an electronic visa, check out iVisa.com. Their application process is fast, completely online, and requires minimal effort from you. Apply today and get back to worrying about the fine details of your trip, rather than the travel documentation.

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