Can there be a delay during my Canada ETA application process

Can there be a delay during my Canada ETA application process
iVisa | Updated on Dec 07, 2019

When you apply for a Canada ETA, the shortest time you need to wait for the document to be issued is 30 minutes if you apply with iVisa. We take great pride in providing short processing times for the applications we receive and the thousands of satisfied customers give us credit for the work we do. However, delays can sometimes happen, and most of the time, it is through no fault of our own.

When you apply online using the services rendered by iVisa, you can expect your Canada ETA to be in your e-mail inbox in the timeframe of your choosing. However, just to be on the safe side, we recommend that you get your ETA before you book your flight. It is highly unlikely for a delay to occur when you get your Canada ETA, but in the event that happens, at least you do not have to lose or change your flight ticket.

What happens when there is a delay with your Canada ETA?

As far as what is going on, what we can tell you is that we send your application to the issuing authority, which is a Canadian government agency.

As you can imagine, we are not authorized to issue such documents. After all, we are just a third-party company that expedites the ETA application process. On our part, delays almost never occur. However, the issuing authority may have some problems that require time to remedy. That is when delays can occur.

Fortunately, we are notified when that happens, and we act promptly to notify you as well. After all, your plans may suffer modifications, which is why our goal is to let you know so that you can take the necessary measures. However, anything other than that, our hands are tied.

Can a delay happen through the fault of an applicant?

Most delays are caused by the issuing authority, and we cannot go as far as saying that applicants can cause a delay. However, there are some cases in which the applicant needs to provide further support. What does that mean? Not all application processes are the same, and due to personal circumstances, additional documentation may be required. Instead of rejecting the application, the issuing authority will ask for supporting documentation. As you can imagine, when that happens, the Canada ETA is not issued in the timeframe you opted for. But that is, in fact, good news. At least you have the chance of resuming, so to speak, the application process, and you get your Canada ETA. A little later than expected, that is true, but at least you do not have to repeat the process.


What we can tell you is that we work tirelessly to make our customers happy. A part of that work is dedicated to delivering the Canada ETA without delay to every single applicant. Rest assured that in the unlikely event a delay occurs, we will let you know in due time so that you can modify your schedule. Until then, we suggest that you hope for the best and prepare for the worst. By that, we mean that you should always book your flight after your Canada ETA is issued. Just to be on the safe side.

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