China Visa for Australian Passport Holders

China Visa for Australian Passport Holders
| Updated on Nov 02, 2018

China is a rapidly developing nation with a vast array of hotspots to visit, and though Australian’s don’t need a visa to visit Hong Kong or Taiwan, the visa application process to visit the mainland is notoriously difficult and often takes weeks to process. However, most applications from Australian citizens are eventually approved, and there is a way to make obtaining the 15-day group eVisa much simpler. Below, this article explains how to get the 15-day China (mainland) visa for Australian citizens traveling in groups of two or more.

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Do Australian Passport Holders Need a Visa to Go to China?

Australian passport holders must obtain a valid visa to enter China’s mainland.

How Long can Australian Citizens Stay in China?

There are many types of China visas available to Australian citizens, but the most commonly issued tourist visa allows a 15-day stay. However, you must be traveling with at least one other person to obtain this visa.

China Visa for Australian Citizens Fees and Costs

The China visa costs approximately US $89, and you’ll need to pay additional fees for postage and packaging.

China Visa for Australian Citizens Requirements

Australian citizens must hold a valid passport and prepare some additional documents to obtain the visa, which includes passport photocopies, photographs, a completed application form and an itinerary.

How Long Does It Take to Get a China Visa for Australian Citizens?

It takes the Chinese Visa Application Service Center up to 10 business days to process Australian visa applications, and you also need to factor in the time it takes to post and receive your documents. Alternatively, you can have your application processed in five business days at iVisa.com without having to post any documents.

China Visa for Australian Citizens Application Form

You can find the application form for the China Tourist Visa here

How to obtain a China Visa

You need to print your completed application form and post it to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center along with your passport and the required additional documents. If you’d prefer not to send your documents by post, you can arrange to apply in-person at the center, but you should fill out all the forms beforehand. You should apply for your visa more than two weeks in advance if possible.

Alternatively, you can make the application process much simpler by heading to iVisa.com, the only visa service that can obtain your Chinese visa without you having to post any documents. To apply at iVisa, you need to fill out a simple application form, send a digital photocopy of your passport and wait five business days for your visa to arrive. This visa is only available to groups of two or more travelers.


China’s visa application process is one of the most complicated and bureaucratic in the world, and you can’t apply for the visa at an embassy or online through the government. Additionally, visas can take a long time to process, and they can’t be processed until 30 days before your trip. However, iVisa can keep hold of your completed application until it’s time to submit, and our professionals can check and process your application within five business days. Join thousands of travelers who’ve avoided posting documents and filling out a difficult application form by applying for your China visa at iVisa.com.

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