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| Updated on Jul 31, 2018

China Visa for Canadian Passport Holders

China is well-known for having a strict and bureaucratic visa application process, with only three of the world’s nations being allowed to enter China without obtaining a visa beforehand. Unfortunately, Canada isn’t one of those nations, but there is a way to obtain a group tourist visa for China easily. All you need to do is fill in the China online form and wait for the visa to arrive at your home.



Do Canadian Passport Holders Need a Visa to Go to China?

Canadian passport holders must obtain a visa before entering China.

How Long can Canadian Citizens Stay in China?

Groups of two or more Canadian citizens can stay in China for 15 days and must enter and exit as a group.

China Visa for Canadian Citizens Fees and Costs

The China visa costs about $90 USD for Canadian citizens plus the cost of postage and packaging if you choose to apply by post.

China Visa for Canadian Citizens Requirements

Canadian citizens who want to obtain the 15-day tourist visa together must travel in groups of at least two people. Each traveler needs a valid passport, passport photocopies, completed application form, signed declaration, a letter of invitation and photos to obtain a China visa. Remember to follow the strict guidelines when taking photos. Currently, the only way to get your China visa without posting any documents is to apply via

How Long Does It Take to Get a China Visa for Canadian Citizens?

It takes the China Visa Application Service Center up to two weeks to process your visa, not including postage time. Alternatively, iVisa can process your China visa in under five business days.

China Visa for Canadian Citizens Application Form

The China visa application forms and the China Visa Application Service Center’s postal addresses can be found here.

How to obtain a China Visa

To apply by post or in person, you’ll need to send or take your completed application form and supporting documents to your nearest China Visa Application Service Center. The visa takes up to two weeks to process, though the process can only commence within 30 days of your departure to China. Expect delays if there are any errors on your application or supporting documents, and follow the guidelines strictly when taking pictures.

To obtain your China visa the easy way, head to and fill out the application form in a few easy steps. With iVisa, you don’t need to post any documents to get your visa, and processing will take a maximum of five days. If you wish to apply for your China visa early, iVisa will keep your checked and completed application and submit it at the earliest chance.


The China visa application process is long-winded and complicated if you apply at the China Visa Application Service Center. However, applying at is easy, and you won’t need to post a single document to obtain your visa. For a smooth, simple experience with almost guaranteed results, join thousands of satisfied customers who’ve applied for the China visa though iVisa, a visa service with a 9.5 approval rating from over 1,800 reviews on Trustpilot.

Apply for a China Visa

Click here to apply for a China visa.

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