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Due to recent measures taken by governments to tackle Covid-19, visitors will be required to present Health Declarations, Medical Declarations, or Self-Declarations Health Form for entry Comoros., in its effort to help all customers fulfill their travel dreams, designed these required documents for you to travel safely.

It DOES NOT replace a visa. If your country requires a visa, the immigration officers will ask for your Visa when you enter the country. Keep in mind some nationalities will require a paper visa. If that is your case, we suggest you contact your local embassy.

Required Documents to Apply
  • A current valid passport, with at least 6-month validity.

  • A credit/debit card or a PayPal account.

Important Instructions
  • Only complete this form if you are planning to travel within the next 3 months. Requests to travel outside of 3 months will not be considered. Check the website regularly as travel restrictions are subject to change.

  • All travelers arriving in Comoros must undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated facilities in their port of arrival.

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Getting to Comoros will be more difficult than getting the Comoros Health Declaration. This beautiful collection of volcanic islands are well known for their perfumed plant life and stunning scenery. Although it makes for a charming holiday feature, the reason for such abundance of fragrant wildlife is actually more to do with humankind than you would believe. For many years, the islands were unsuitable for producing certain crop cultivations which left its inhabitants in a deadly situation, with reliance on imported food. Subsequently, crops were introduced that performed much better in this environment, such as perfume plants like ylang-ylang, cloves and cacao. It’s hard to believe that perfume can be made from nature’s bounty, especially in such a remote place as this East African island beach paradise. You can apply for the Comoros Health Declaration from home as we have created a fully, online process. Stay safe from crowds of people by avoiding the embassy and filling out the Comoros Health Declaration online. If you need to speak to an expert you can even contact us by chat or email.

Moroni is a vibrant centre where you can find plenty of attractions to fill an afternoon, as well as taxis to take you to the airport and on any other trip you fancy. The first stop on many tourist’s itinerary of Moroni is the Grand Mosque du Vendredi. A top tip is to remember that you should treat this place with the utmost of respect and remove your shoes if you intend on entering. The old ship wreck outside is a great place for a photo opportunity too. From there, take a stroll in the Medina and enjoy a coffee in one of the many cafes. Keep an eye out for the old stone houses and carved wooden doors that are dotted around the area.

If you’ve brought your family with you to Comoros, a great stop off to cool down the kids is the Coelacanthe restaurant and swimming pool. Enjoy a tasty bite to eat and wash off the day’s heat here before continuing your sightseeing.

The National Museum of the Comoros is another place that history buffs will enjoy taking in. There, you will find four sections divided up over two floors. You can see old photographs that depict how the region has changed over time, as well as a fascinating insight into the volcanic aspects of the islands and the flora and fauna. Those of you who love reading up on their holiday destination will even find a small bookshop with publications that provide the element of detail that can open up this country to you even more.

Water babies might want to go directly to Mohéli marine park when they arrive in their destination. This area was set up to preserve the wildlife of the region over 20 years ago, and a small number of bungalows were built for tourists to stay in. Getting there can be tricky, so you’re advised to make suitable transport plants. Once you arrive, however, you’ll be blown away by the chance to be in such close contact with countless sea creatures and fish. A nocturnal turtle watch will provide unforgettable sightings of these curious creatures. Some turtles return every year to nest and mate, taking advantage of the remote and unpopulated islands to reproduce without the risk of running into poachers or traffickers. Other activities that are great for all the family include hiking, whale watching (when in season) and spotting Livingstone’s fruit bats.

If you like to look for more action on your vacation, what could be more exciting than visiting a real, live volcano. One of the biggest in the world, Mount Karthala is located on the biggest island in Comoros and sits around 7700 feet above sea level. Although it has erupted more than 20 times over the past couple of centuries, it is still accessible to the public today. There are various trails leading up to the summit, although you shouldn’t set off without a guide as they are not signposted and you could easily get lost. The trek can be strenuous and takes around 7 hours to reach the top and 5 more to get back down, so many people camp overnight rather than facing a long day of walking. You should schedule your vacation between May and November if you want to climb this steep volcano as the weather may not be suitable the rest of the year, and make sure that you have a good amount of hillwalking experience before setting off.

To get your volcano vacation off to a winning start, prepare in advance by applying for your Comoros Health Declaration with’s simple and easy online method. Fill in the Health Declaration form with your personal details and check that any errors have been corrected. Then you can check out the costs of our different processing options. At, we cater for all kinds of travellers so if you’re on a tight budget then select the Standard option for the lowest cost. If, however, you need to travel soon then Super Rush might be the best way to get your Comoros Health Declaration on time. We will always display the cost of our Comoros Health Declaration processes clearly before you enter your payment details, and we will never charge you anything without confirming it first. Once your Health Declaration is paid for, you can upload any documents that we require then submit the application to our expert panel for a review. We will never send your Comoros Health Declaration without first checking that everything is in order, as we pride ourselves on achieving the best results for all our customers. If we need you to make any changes, we will get in touch with you personally to discuss your Comoros Health Declaration. When everything’s sorted, you’ll receive the Comoros Health Declaration by email so all there is for you to do is print it and sign it, if required, and keep it by your side when you land in Comoros.