iVisa.com Integrates Passport Photo Services To Its Portfolio

iVisa.com Integrates Passport Photo Services To Its Portfolio

iVisa | Updated on Apr 23, 2021

In July 2020, iVisa.com integrated MyPassportPhotos.com services to its website and thus expanded the horizons of its business.

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We launched our new passport photo service to innovate the travel documentation industry at a changing and unpredictable time.

As COVID was rising worldwide during March and the travel industry got shut down, it was clear that innovation was needed to improve services that will adapt to the new reality.

As part of this new challenge, iVisa.com decided to invest in the integration of MyPassportPhotos.com, a brand that also belonged to the company but always worked independently.

This platform allowed American citizens to get the perfect passport photos without leaving their houses. All they had to do was choose a picture, upload it to the platform, and select the type of photo they needed.

By introducing MyPassportPhotos.com to iVisa.com as a new service category (iVisa.com Photos) , the entire user experience was improved. In addition, delivery coverage expanded to Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and countries of the European Union.

The process of getting the perfect passport picture is really simple!

Customers only need to select the type of document they need, choose the best photo they have, and upload it to the web (iVisa.com/Photos) or take it at the moment with our app (iVisa Passport Photos). Users can choose between the following types of photos: Passport, visas, green cards, work permits, biometrical photos, or other general-purpose ones.

We offer 100% government-compliant photos that are edited with Artificial Intelligence based on our market experience and governments’ indications. In case any customer wants to double-check the photos’ conditions, we offer an expert revision service that has an extra cost of $ 4.95.

No more surprises when you finally see your passport photos.

With iVisa.com Photos and iVisa.com Passport Photos App, we aim to disappear the uncomfortable surprise of not recognizing yourself on your passport photo or any other identification.

You will now have control over the situation! Choose wherever you want to take it and whenever it suits you the best. Try as many times as you need, you have all the time to get prepared.

Stay safe by taking your photos at home. With iVisa.com Photos, you no longer have to go to a photo booth. In this way, you will reduce contact with other people, save unnecessary trips on public transport, and avoid waiting lines.

Explore these and all the benefits this new service has for you by downloading the app (available in the AppStore only) or visiting our webpage.

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