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Can I get a Cuba visa at the Cancun Airport?

Can I get a Cuba visa at the Cancun Airport?
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

You can get a Cuba visa using multiple methods. You can apply online, get one from a Cuban embassy, from a travel agency, and some people prefer to purchase it from the airline they are traveling with. Provided that the particular airline offers this service. If you are in Cancun and you want to go to Cuba, you have the option of purchasing a Cuba visa at the Cancun Airport. The process is fast and simple.

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Getting a Cuba visa at the Cancun Airport is pretty straightforward. All you need is a valid passport that remains valid for at least another 6 months from the arrival date in Cuba. You must also fill in a form and pay a 300 pesos fee (the equivalent of $20). Do not forget to purchase travel insurance if you do not already have one. As of 2010, all travelers who enter Cuba are required to have travel insurance. You can buy one in Cancun, or you can buy one when you land at the airport in Havana.

As you can see, obtaining a Cuba visa at the Cancun Airport is not challenging, and maybe you are lucky enough to not spend too much time in line. However, if you have no other options at hand, this is the best course of action.

What is the alternative?

Instead of getting a Cuba visa at the Cancun airport, you can apply online using iVisa. The citizens of Mexico are eligible for a Cuba Tourist Card, which means that the entire process is online. While getting a visa straight at the airport is not difficult, if there is a better way, why not try it then?

The requirements for the Cuba Tourist Card are the same. You need a valid passport, and you need to fill in an online application form. That is easy to achieve and iVisa can provide assistance 24/7 if you need it. Do not forget about your travel insurance. No matter which method of getting you visa you use, the insurance is mandatory.

The 2-step application form should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. As for the fee, iVisa gives you options. This method of getting a visa is a bit more expensive, but we all know that convenience is a bit pricy. The cost of your visa depends on which processing time you select. They are as follows:

  • Standard processing – your application is processed, and your Tourist card arrives in 3 to 5 business days. This processing time costs $55.
  • Rush processing – your Tourist card arrives within 1 to 3 business days, and the cost is $75.
  • Super Rush processing – you will have your Cuba Tourist card in 1 business day, and you will be charged $95. The shipping is included in the price in all three cases.

The bottom line is that you can get a Cuba Visa at the Cancun Airport. Check with the airlines that have flights to Havana. However, you should try the online process instead. It is hassle-free, you do not have to stand in any line. You also receive your visa in the timeframe of your choice. Plus, both options give you the same document that allows you to stay in Cuba for maximum 30 days. You have a single entry, and you can extend your stay with another 30 days if you want.

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