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Can I get a Cuba visa from American Airlines?

iVisa | Updated on Nov 22, 2022

Travelers who wish to go to Cuba need a visa or a Tourist Card if they are not from a visa-exempt country. If you are eligible for a Tourist Card, which you can find out using iVisa’s Visa checker, you can get one online from iVisa, but you can also purchase one from American Airlines. Buying a Cuba visa from American Airlines can be done either online or at the airports in Miami and Charlotte.

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Cuba Visa from American Airlines – the online version

The Cuba visa from American Airlines is available only for its passengers. You cannot travel using a different airline if you have such a document. You need a passport that is valid for at least another 6 months from your arrival date in Cuba and travel insurance. If you do not have an insurance policy that covers overseas medical care, you can purchase one at the airport as well. As for the online AA Cuba visa, it will not take you long to fill in the personal and travel information form. You must also pay for the visa before you submit your application. The cost is $50 for the visa and $35 for the service fee for a total of $85.

Cuba Visa from American Airlines – same day purchase

If you did not apply online using a different service or you did not apply in advance through American airlines, you have the option of purchasing a Cuba visa the same day that you will travel to Cuba. The requirements are the same. The difference is that you can only buy a Cuba visa at American Airlines in Miami, Charlotte, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Another difference is the fee. When you purchase a Cuba visa on the same day you leave, the service fee increases to $50 plus the visa fee of $50 for a total of $100.

What are my alternatives?

If you do not travel with American Airlines, you can still purchase a Cuba Tourist Card online. This time, you can use the services provided by iVisa. The requirements are pretty much the same. You need a passport and travel insurance. As for the cost, it depends on which processing time you select. iVisa gives you three excellent choices:

  • Standard processing – your application will be processed and your Tourist card delivered in 3 to 5 business days. This option costs $110
  • Rush processing – your Tourist card will arrive within 1 to 3 business days, and the fee is $130
  • Super Rush processing – you will have your Cuba Tourist card in 1 business day, and you will be charged $150. The shipping fee is included.

As you can see, getting a Cuba visa from American Airlines is entirely possible and reasonably easy. However, if you decide to travel using different airline company, you can always get a visa for Cuba from iVisa. The fees are affordable, and the process is just as straightforward. You get the same document, and you can stay in Cuba for 30 days with the possibility of getting one extension.

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