Cuba visa for Green Card holders

Cuba visa for Green Card holders

iVisa | Updated on Jul 16, 2022

There is this common misconception that Green Card holders in the US fall under different regulations than US citizens. However Green card holders are considered as permanent residents of the US.As a result, you will be under the same US jurisdiction as US nationals. The 12 OFAC categories apply to you as well as to any US citizen. You do not have to worry about Cuba not giving you a Tourist Card. It is quite the contrary, actually. You can apply at the embassy, or online, just as everyone else, no matter your nationality or passport.

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What are the requirements?

If you choose to apply online, disregarding your country of origin, the rules for US citizens will be applied to you. With that in mind, you do not need much to use the services provided by iVisa. All you need is a valid passport and you must [fill in an application form]. Some rules are not mentioned on websites, which is why we recommend that you should also have the Green Card or a copy on you, just in case. You do it all the time anyway. While you do not need much before your departure, when you get to Cuba you will need the following:

  • Valid passport – the passport you have needs to be valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Cuba. If it is not, you need to apply for a renewal.
  • Tourist Card – this is the same as a Cuba visa that iVisa will send to you via postal mail.
  • A flight itinerary both to and from Cuba
  • Travel insurance – this is a rule that began to take effect back in 2010. If you do not have travel insurance, you need to purchase one once you arrive in Cuba. A company called ASISTUR SA can help with that.

The application form

Nobody finds application forms pleasant, but surely you will enjoy the form created by iVisa. It is short and comprehensive. You will spend maximum 10 minutes filling it in. If you need some help, iVisa has a fantastic support service that can be contacted via chat or phone 24/7. The application form from iVisa consists of two steps. Step number one will ask you to fill in your personal and travel information. You must also choose a visa type and a processing time. As a Green Card holder, you need to select the USA Tourist card. As for the processing time, you can choose one of the three available options. Keep in mind that your selection determines the cost of your Cuba Tourist Card. Here is what you can opt for:

  • Standard processing time – your application will be processed and your Tourist card delivered in 3 to 5 business days. This option costs $110.
  • Rush processing time – your Tourist card will arrive within 1 to 3 business days, and the fee is $130.
  • Super Rush processing time – you will have your Cuba Tourist card in 1 business day, and you will be charged $150. The shipping is included in the price in all three cases.

Step number two consists of two things: revision and payment. It is imperative that you check the accuracy of the information you provided in step one. Mistakes cannot be corrected after your application is processed, which will compel you to apply again. Regarding the payment, iVisa accepts multiple means of payment. You can use a credit or a debit card, PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat. Once you are done with all that, just hit the submit button and wait for your Tourist Card to arrive.

The conclusion is that as long as you have a valid Green Card, you fall under the US jurisdiction. You can use one of the 12 OFAC categories to travel to Cuba. You can get your Cuba visa for Green Card holders just as easy as any American, disregarding your country of origin. The visa you receive allows you to stay in Cuba for maximum 30 days, and you are granted a single entry.

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