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IIf you are wondering how citizens of Spain can enter Cuba during Coronavirus, then today is your lucky day because you came to the right place! If you are from Spain, then you must have the proper travel documents to enter Cuba such as a Cuban Health Declaration Card, a negative PCR COVID-19 test result, and medical insurance. Apply with and learn more about how citizens of Spain can enter Cuba during Coronavirus.

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We are aware of the rapidly changing situation, but travel is possible. Therefore, we remind you that the Cuban Health Declaration is easy to get, but it does not replace a visa. We are here to help you process your travel document in time. Continue reading this article to know more about health declarations and how citizens of Spain can enter Cuba during Coronavirus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do citizens of Spain need a Negative Covid-19 PCR test to enter Cuba?

Yes, they must have a negative PCR COVID-19 test result at the airport and the test must be done no longer than 72 hours before the arrival. Keep reading to see how citizens of Spain can enter Cuba during Coronavirus.

Can Citizens of Spain enter Cuba during coronavirus?

Yes, it is possible because Cuba is open for travel. If you have a Spanish passport, then you have to get a Cuban health declaration card, and a negative COVID-19 test result. Apply with us and see below how citizens of Spain can enter Cuba during coronavirus.

What items and documents are required to apply for the Cuban Health Declaration Card?

Fill the online application with your personal information and details of your trip to Cuba. You must have the following documents as well:

  • A valid passport, to get basic contact details.
  • Digital Photos, if you have any trouble getting photos, use Photos.
  • Your current email address, to get the travel document via email.
  • A valid payment method, to pay the application fee.

Visit the application page or read the questions below for more information on how citizens of Spain can enter Cuba during Coronavirus.

What are the fees and processing times to get this document?

Thanks to our modern platform, we offer three alternatives; you can choose one option according to the time budget.

  • Standard Processing Option: it is the cheapest option available, and it processes your application at a regular time.
  • Rush Processing Option: when the cost increases, the processing time taken will be less. This option processes your application faster than the standard option.
  • Super Rush Processing Option: if you are in a hurry then you can choose this option, it processes your application within a few minutes, but remember that it is the most expensive option.

What steps do I have to follow to process the health declaration online?

  • First: Fill out the application and choose a processing option as per your need.
  • Second: Before paying the application fee, you should review the information, and then you can pay using your credit/debit card
  • Third: Upload a copy of your passport and other documents if required.

To upload the application online, press the “submit” button. If you have any queries, contact our customer support agents. They are available 24/7.

Is it safe to use to process any travel document available?

Yes. We use highly secured technology to keep your information safe and secure. We encrypt your data using security software. There is no need for any worries. It is our highest priority to keep your information safe. See the customers’ reviews for more clarification.

How can I contact you if I need help?

If you need more information on how citizens of Spain can enter Cuba during Coronavirus, visit’s web page and if you need any help, contact our customer care agents. They are available 24/7. You can also contact us via email at [email protected]. Recommends

If you want to travel to Cuba in the best way possible, then here are some tips that might help you. Havana is the capital, largest city, major port, and leading commercial center of this Caribbean nation. Here you can find a diverse style of architecture from the castles built in the late 16th century to modernist present-day high buildings.

All major places in Old Havana are within walking distance, including El Capitolio, the Museum of the Revolution, Plaza Vieja, or the Great Theatre. Take a day to roam the tight streets of the Old town and make sure to have a drink at the roof of Hotel Mundos for a great panoramic view. You should also go on a tour in a classic car. Cuba has some of the biggest examples of classic cars.

For a trustworthy cuisine experience, try out the Ropa Vieja. It is a common Cuban Cuisine. To get a broad image of Cuba and its people, take a hop-on, hop-off bus tour. It will get to all sights such as the Plaza de la Revolucion, the Colon cemetery, and the famous Hotel Nacional. No visit to Cuba is complete without experiencing live music, as music is happening everywhere throughout the old town, in the streets, restaurants, and bars. Listen to some salsa music during your stay in Cuba.

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