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The Cuba Health Declaration Card is a travel requirement that applies to all travelers who wish to enter Cuba. It is part of the new health measures taken due to the coronavirus pandemic and aims to prevent outbreaks within the country’s borders. It will not replace other documents you may need to travel to Cuba, such as your visa, passport, or any other authorization.

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Any visitor that wants to enter Cuba will have to show the Cuba Health Declaration Card during their arrival. It must be completed by everyone without exception.

All nationalities can apply here.

To acquire this travel form, you will have to report your current health condition prior to taking your trip. While it is not mandatory to have a COVID-19 PCR Test to apply for this health declaration, you will have to present a negative result upon arrival.

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Once you submit your application, we will send you a PDF to your email. You will have to print and sign it before presenting it during your arrival.

Check the FAQs to view quarantine rules for Cuba.

Required Documents to Apply
  • None
Important Instructions
  • This Health Declaration is currently aimed at all nationalities, including the same Cuban citizens who have visited other countries and are returning to Cuba.

  • The Cuba Health Declaration Card is part of the required documents you will need to enter Cuba, it DOES NOT replace a visa. If your country requires a visa, the immigration officers will ask for your Visa when you enter Cuba. Keep in mind some nationalities will require a paper visa. If that is your case, we suggest you visit your local embassy.

  • All travelers are required to fill the Health Declaration Card before being allowed entry in Cuba. This document must be printed and signed.

  • All travelers are additionally required to present proof of a PCR test with negative results, taken in your departing country in the last 72 hours. It is recommended you bring two physical copies of your PCR test result with you.

  • You are also required to travel with COVID-19 insurance, and if this is not possible, then you have to buy a Cuban medical insurance coverage at the airport upon arrival.

  • Also, you might be subject for another PCR test, medical screening and self isolation upon arrival.

  • Travelers must pay a health tax of 30 USD, this must be already included in the air ticket.

  • If you are visiting Varadero, you are required to stay in the ‘safe tourist corridor’ zone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a travel health pass that is required for entry into the country. All arrivals (nationals or foreigners) must present it to the Cuban authorities. You will have to fill out the form, print it, and show it when required.

Do not forget that the Cuba Health Declaration Card DOES NOT replace a visa. In case you need to present a visa, immigration authorities will ask you to show it as well. Take into account that some nationalities must apply for a paper visa, which means they must get it at the closest Cuban embassy.

Yes, everyone traveling to Cuba must present a negative COVID-19 PCR Test result 72 hours before your trip. If you have a positive result, you will be asked to stay in quarantine for a specific amount of time.
Yes, all arrivals must present it. Families or other legal guardians must take care of filling out the Health Declaration on behalf of their children. Apply right now for the Cuba Health Declaration Card.
The final price will depend on the processing service that you select:
  • Standard Processing Time: 1 business day - USD 20.00.
  • Rush Processing Time: 4 hours - USD 35.00.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: 15 minutes - USD 60.00.
Based on the COVID-19 PCR Test result, you may be asked to remain in quarantine. If you show a positive result, the government will ask you to self-isolate until they can verify you no longer carry with the disease. You are not required to undergo a quarantine if your result is negative.

You can apply at any time before you arrive in Cuba. We suggest you begin the process earlier with us so that we can start on your document at least 72 hours prior to your trip.

Apply now and don’t overthink about when to start.

You will only have to fill our online application form with your personal and travel information. When you complete it, our team of experts will process your request, and you will receive your document in your email inbox so you can print it.
Applying does not take more than 5 minutes.
It is a single entry document. This means that if you plan to visit Cuba more than once, you will have to apply for another health declaration when you need it.
Yes, this document is available for free. However, using, you will avoid doing tedious paperwork on your own. You will also skip the time-consuming process of waiting in long queues when you arrive. Moreover, you can complete the form whenever you want, and our outstanding team will make sure to provide you the best service possible.
Without a doubt! You can contact our customer service agents at any time. They are ready 24/7 to clarify all your doubts. Contact them here.
Learn more about Cuba Sanitary Statement for Travellers here.

Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean and a true paradise. Before the Spanish conquest is 1492, several Amerindian cultures were ruling the island. After the Spanish-American War, in 1898 the US ruled Cuba for over 3 years until its independence in 1902. The Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Rául Castro happened between 1953 and 1959. This brought communism to Cuba and a close relationship with the Soviet Union who supported the island with subsidies until its dissolution in 1991. Then Venezuela started to support Cuba’s economy up to recent times. Nowadays, Cuba is taking a new direction to start opening to the world with efforts around international commerce and travel. We invite you to explore Cuba safely by complying with the new health requirements such as the Health Declaration Form. This medical declaration is a response to the COVID-19 spread and it is mandatory for anybody entering Cuba. Keep on reading about the most remarkable places in Cuba and the recent guidelines to have an unforgettable journey.

Cuba is a special combination of pristine nature, spectacular beaches, and friendly locals. Cuba is a mixture of African, Spanish, and Latino culture that is ready to offer you an incredible experience. We must start with Havana, Cuba’s capital. Since its foundation in 1519, the city portrays a unique place with Art Nouveau and Modernist architecture. This is the most populated city in Cuba and it compromises 15 districts which include Old Havana (Havana Vieja), a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. In Old Havana, you should go to Central and Prado Park, the Capitolio and the Grand Theatre. A site full of history is the Revolution Museum, which was the house of Fulgencio Batista, the former dictator before the Cuban Revolution. Next to this museum, you can find the Bellas Artes Museum with artwork from all around the island. Make your way to the Malecón, the boulevard near the coast, where you will enjoy some Afro-Cuban music during weekends. Havana is a place for international events throughout the year from the Havana Carnival to the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, there are always new special occasions to celebrate.

Santiago de Cuba is the second-largest city in Cuba and you must visit if you are passionate about music. History is shown through the colonial buildings and this is where young Fidel Castro studied before beginning the Cuban Revolution. Get to Cespedes Park where plenty of colonial constructions are on display. As well, visit the San Pedro de la Roca Castle which comes from the 17th century and used to serve as a fortress. The Castle has a breathtaking view of the ocean. Join this colorful city during July and enjoy the Carnival season. Another special city is Trinidad. This place used to be a slave-trading center and sugar production moved the economy during the 17th and 18th centuries. Therefore, wealthy business people left majestic colonial homes that are intact since that period. It feels like going back in time when walking around the cobblestone streets. Have you heard about the classic cars you can find all around Cuba? US cars from the 1940s and 1950s were imported before the famous embargo and the Cuban Revolution. People have preserved these cars until this day and you can get a ride all over the island. Chevrolets or Fords, you choose your favorite in any place in Cuba. You want either a taxi ride or a full-day tour, then one of these beauties can take you into the heart of Cuba.

The Viñales is a magnificent site just three hours away from Havana. This valley is known for being the center for tobacco farming where ancient methods are still used and you get to see the tobacco drying sheds in a very peaceful scenario. You can also enjoy some adventure activities, such as ziplining and ATV tours. Continue your journey through the Zapata Peninsula which is an important place for Cuba. This is where the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion happened. This operation was led by the US special force and a Cuban-American army on exile. There are monuments next to the roads in commemoration of the Cubans murdered during this period. The Peninsula is now the National Park Cienaga de Zapata where the government gives protection to wildlife, including flamingos, manatees, and crocodiles. Outdoor activities such as birdwatching, hiking, and scuba diving are possible in this area. The accommodation options can be found on the beaches Playa Larga and Playa Girón, close to this area. Cuba also offers you smaller islands and cays that have become the new favorite beach destination for international visitors. Long Cay preserves beautiful beaches with turquoise views. Visit the popular beach Sirena and the Marina where you can see turtles throughout the year. We can’t discuss beaches without mentioning Varadero, this famous beach resort still preserves unique beaches with white sands. It also combines nature with its botanical gardens inside the Josone National Park. Besides, you get to explore the Bellamar Caves which is the largest cavern system in Cuba going back 150 years.

If you are worried about certain facilities around the island we must say Cuba has changed for the better. There is a connection between sites through taxis and other types of transport. Although the Internet is still not as common, you can still get it in your accommodation at different rates. Cubans are very friendly and they will do anything to help you during your trip.

Now that you have decided to travel to Cuba, can help you with all the mandatory documents for your trip. We refer to the Health Declaration Form. This self-declaration is a direct response to better control international visitors entering the island. The coronavirus pandemic is still very present in Cuba and all over the world, but countries are managing the entry of international visitors with strict health guidelines. For Cuba, international tourism is a great part of its current economy, therefore, they are taking all the safety measures to open again to the world. Cuba is set to open frontiers by August 2020, still, you should always keep updated with, as dates and guidelines can change very fast. The Cuban government will probably require incoming visitors to go through a 14-day quarantine after their arrival. This could depend if travelers are coming from high-risk countries or if they fail the screenings put in place. Although Cuba is recognized to have high medical standards, there is a current shortage of medical facilities. For this reason, make sure you have medical insurance covering expenses in case you get COVID-19. Cuba is waiting for you, apply with for your Health Declaration, and start your journey!

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