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Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is widely known as a vacation destination for visitors from neighboring countries. The flights are cheap, the beaches are exceptional, and you can have a lot of fun. The rocky coastline is a popular attraction where the adventurous can go cliff diving into the picture-perfect sea. Even if Cyprus may be geographically considered a part of Asia, it is more of a European country politically.

Before leaving for Cyprus, you need to check ahead is whether or not you are required to obtain a visa. Cyprus is a member of the Schengen Area Agreement, but the policy has not been fully implemented. Nonetheless, the visa policy for Cyprus is quite lenient. Chances are that you just need a passport to visit. In some cases, just an ID card will suffice.

Two categories of nationalities are exempt from getting a visa. Members of the European Union, and nations included in the national visa waiver program. As long as you find your country of origin on one of those lists, you can easily board a plane without a visa.

If you want to find out quickly which category you fit into, you can use our Visa Checker Tool. It is a simple but brilliant tool that can gives you visa info in seconds. Just choose your nationality from the drag-down menu and put Cyprus as the destination. If you do not need a visa, you are free to plan your vacation. If you need one, our Tool provides a list of the embassies where you apply in-person.

As there isn't an electronic visa for the Schengen Area, iVisa unfortunately cannot help process your Cyprus visa application process. We still like helping travelers, which is why we offer a free 24/7 support service where you can ask us about the visa process.

In the event that you need to obtain a visa to visit Cyprus, you need to make sure that you meet all the requirements. Although you can check that info online, we recommend that you contact the diplomatic mission itself since they'll provide the most reliable and updated visa information. Websites are not always, which can lead to big mistakes. Just give the embassy a call or send an email to find out more. Nevertheless, what iVisa can tell you is that you'll need a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond your date of arrival in Cyprus. For further information, contact the nearest embassy of Cyprus.

We are sorry that we cannot provide even more assistance with your visa for Cyprus, but rest assured that as soon as that is possible, we will offer a safe, quick, and reliable visa application process. Until then, we hope that the above information is helpful.

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Cyprus is one of the most important islands in the Mediterranean Sea, and it has quickly become the perfect beach spot in Europe. As well, the island has been defined by the Greeks, especially with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. The mystery around this goddess has made Cyprus a perfect place to know about the ancient Greeks. Before getting a flight to Cyprus, you must check what travel documentation you need before arrival. Now, travelers can apply for an electronic visa or eVisa if they want to enter Cyprus. The eVisa process is easy and quite simple with Connect to the Internet, take a few minutes to complete the application, and you will be ready to enter Cyprus. Your journey is just beginning, Cyprus is waiting for you. Cyprus is the perfect beach getaway. Next to the holiday town of Paralimni, you can see Protaras beach. The site is also known as Fig Tree Bay due to an old fig tree that stands since the 17th century. This beach has a special service for disabled people who can enjoy the beach with the help of lifeguards. Head to Konnos beach, which is a tiny paradise for visitors. Clear waters plus all services available make this place fantastic. Also, you can access the National Forest Park from the beach and check the incredible flora and fauna of Cyprus. The resort Ayia Napa is only 4 km from here, in case you want to enjoy luxury services. Another interesting site to visit is the Amphitheatre Diving Site, which allows visibility of up to 20 meters below water. Check the unique rock formations and the incredible marine life. Continue your journey with some cultural sites worth the visit. Explore the Antiquity Cultural Route that includes the ancient city of Kition, where you can see the first remains of the Greeks from the 13th century BC and some temples from the Phoenicians. Continue with the prehistoric site of Choirokoitia, which is on the way to Lemesos. These are the earliest houses from the first human beings in Cyprus. One of the highlights on this route is Kourion, a Greco-Roman city with a marvelous theatre dating back to the 2nd century BC. Today, there are even art performances on this site, from music to theatre. Discover more in Paphos, where you can visit the famous archaeological site known as Palaipafos. Check the fabulous mosaics and the different features build for Aphrodite. Follow your trip with the Kykkos Monastery, which is located on a mountain peak and is one of the most opulent on the island. The monastery is famous for holding one icon from the Apostle Luke, which is a shrine made of mother-of-pearl. Nowadays, you can buy alcoholic drinks produced on this site or witness different religious events throughout the year. We know you are convinced Cyprus is the perfect European spot but carefully check whether you need an eVisa to enter. The eVisa process is easy with If you are an outdoor person, then Cyprus has tons of activities to offer. Check the cycling route in the Athalassa National Forest Park that has 16 km where you can enjoy the beauty of Cyprus’ nature. The Pyrgos cycling route is another option. It goes from the Stavros forestry station and has alternatives to enter into Kikkos, Pomos, and Kato Pyrgos. Either way, you will find different stops like the military camp of Agios Georgios. Overall, you have almost 40 km to explore Cyprus. In case you are more into hiking, then go to the Akamas Forest Natural Trail, where you can see some interesting sites related to Aphrodite. Discover the Baths of Aphrodite and the ruins of Pyrgos. The trail has breathtaking views that face Cape Arnaoutis and the Paphos Forest. As well, don’t miss the Botanical Gardens of Akamas, where you can see some endemic flora from Cyprus. Visit the Lefkosia region and its beautiful capital of Nicosia. Visit the traditional quarters with shopping centers, restaurants, bars that contrast with historical monuments. The city has a Medieval vibe combined with Venetian walls and a fabulous cosmopolitan atmosphere that establish Nicosia as a progressive European capital. Don’t leave Nicosia without trying the tasty cuisine. Cyprus has perfectly mixed Greek and Middle Easterns influences with indigenous Roman and Phoenician dishes. This cuisine focuses on olive oil, cheese, lean meat, herbs, fruits, and vegetables from the area. While you start planning your itinerary, make sure you have all the right documentation before arrival in Cyprus. Remember that you need to have an eVisa so you can have a smooth entry to Cyprus. Maybe you are unaware, but Cyprus has become the new favorite site for wellness and health purposes. Following Aphrodite’s symbols of love and eternal youth, Cyprus has everything you need for a relaxing journey. Spas and resorts nearby the blue seas are the perfect scenario for any wellbeing process. From indoor pools, saltwater pools, saunas, gyms, fitness studios, and beauty salons, Cyprus offers a range of services for any traveler looking for a unique experience. Also, don’t hesitate to request premium services related to medical tourism. Cyprus provides medical procedures at affordable prices, especially for European audiences.
Cyprus has a wide range of places for all types of travelers. From historical sites related to the goddess Aphrodite to pristine beaches. Cyprus has become popular for Europeans and is slowly attracting visitors from all over the world. The Greek and Roman had a massive influence on Cyprus and today we can see it on cultural sites and Mediterranean cuisine. Cyprus has also entered the digital world through the issuing of electronic visas or eVisas. Currently, travelers can apply for an eVisa to enter Cyprus. They only need an Internet connection, a few minutes to complete an online questionnaire, and they can visit Cyprus. makes your process simple. If you need further information about Cyprus eVisa, you can always reach out to the team that is available 24/7. No more extensive waiting periods, long paper forms, or runs to the embassy, the eVisa process is fast, simple, and reliable with Travel now to Cyprus and acquire your eVisa with