Requirements for Citizens of Tuvalu applying for Czech ETIAS

Requirements for Citizens of Tuvalu applying for Czech ETIAS

iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2021

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Non-EU visitors, such as citizens of Tuvalu, will have to apply for a Czech ETIAS before traveling to the Czech Republic. The European Union has established ETIAS, a new electronic system to control incoming visitors to the Schengen area. brings you an easy process for Czech ETIAS. is offering a fast, simple, and 100% reliable service.

Find out more about Czech ETIAS with the next FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does ETIAS mean?

ETIAS means European Travel Information and Authorization System. Czech ETIAS is an authorization document required to non-EU visitors who don’t need a Schengen visa. Over 60 countries are exempt from a Schengen visa, and this is the case of Tuvalu. Citizens of Tuvalu need to obtain a Czech ETIAS.

Are Czech ETIAS and visas the same?

No, ETIAS and visas are not the same. People usually think twice before applying for a visa, as it demands an extensive process with interviews at the embassy and long waiting periods. ETIAS is the opposite, from the comfort of your home with an Internet connection, you can start the ETIAS application and finish in a few minutes.

Tuvalu citizens only need a WIFI connection so they can have access to the Czech ETIAS. After completing the application, they will be ready to travel.

Is Czech ETIAS valid for all of Europe?

Citizens of Tuvalu need to differentiate Europe from the Schengen zone. The Czech ETIAS gives you access to 26 European countries in the Schengen area. However, not all countries in Europe are part of the Schengen agreement. For this reason, use the Visa Checker to make sure you only need an ETIAS during your trip.

Some questions about this? Reach out to the support team.

How long is the ETIAS valid?

The Czech ETIAS is valid for up to 90 days within 6 months when traveling to the Schengen countries. The ETIAS document has a validity of 3 consecutive years.

As a citizen of Tuvalu, you can apply for a Czech ETIAS!

What information do I need to provide for Czech ETIAS?

Respond to the questions in the online form that includes details about name, address, citizenship, phone number, etc. Consider questions about criminal records, previous visits to war zones, and health conditions. Citizens of Tuvalu must be honest with their answers because the EU immigration will check the information before approval.

Check the next items too:

  • Scan of your passport. Passports should be valid at least 3 months from the travel date.
  • An email address, to get your ETIAS document safely.
  • Payment options, decide to pay wiith a Paypal account or use a credit/debit card.

What are the processing times?

  • Standard service, the typical option for an average waiting period.
  • Rush service, in case you need to hurry, this is a faster alternative.
  • Super rush service, obtain the Czech ETIAS as soon as possible.

Which are the steps for the ETIAS?

Tuvalu citizens need to follow the next 3 steps:

  • First, complete the electronic form and pick a processing time (Standard, Rush, or Super Rush).
  • Second, review the information and pay using a credit/debit card or Paypal.
  • Third, attach the scan of your passport.

Get in touch with support agents in case you have some doubts.

What will I get in my email?

Citizens of Tuvalu will receive the ETIAS authorization document at their email inbox. Travelers must show the ETIAS document to airport officers when entering the Czech Republic.

Do minors need an ETIAS?

Yes! Adults and minors need a Czech ETIAS before arrival. Make sure to have an ETIAS per traveler, so you don’t have any issues when entering the Schengen zone.

How safe is ETIAS with

Tuvalu citizens rest assured is the best option for Czech ETIAS. has the knowledge and expertise to handle ETIAS or any travel document.

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I have some questions, where can I get further information?

We have a full customer service team at your disposition. Don’t hesitate to contact them with any questions you might have.

The ETIAS is an easy process, try it with!